Monday, 4 July 2011

US vs UK (#13)

Welcome to Book Passion for Life's 13th US vs UK book cover battle. We've seen this posted on a few other blogs, and thought we'd jump on the band wagon!

The idea of this battle is once a week we'll post 2 sets of books of our choice, one US cover and one UK cover, and we'll just give our opinion on which one we love the most. Which cover captures the story, which one would catch our eye if we saw it on the shelf in a shop. The US cover will be on the left, and the UK cover will be on the right.

The Scores so far are: 
US: 3  UK: 4  Draw: 5 

US vs UK Round 13

My Soul to Take by Rachel Vincent


Jess says:  This series has been on my TBR list for ages and I just haven't gotten around to reading it yet. But to the covers, I really like the  UK cover more than the US. I just love the font, and the creepiness about it. It makes me want to pick it up. It just screams 'PICK ME!'

Donna says:  I've had this book on hold since the start of the new year because I read half and felt it started to drag. Since then I've heard so many good things about this series, I'm thinking of picking them up again. Now...the covers....I honestly don't think either of them are brilliant. There both pretty creepy. But I'm going with the UK. I think  the UK cover stands out a lot more, plus its true to what the story is about. 

Which do you prefer?

Darkness Becomes Her by Kelly Keaton 


Jess Says: I've heard of this series, and have yet to read it as well. As for the covers, I like the US...only for the reason that the UK cover-the model-looks like Katie Price a UK Super Model who I can't stand, and I refuse to pick up a book that reminds me of her. So I give this to the US based on the fact that I don't like the model. Lol.

Donna Says:  I like both! Its a hard one but I think UK gets it for me. I love the purple in the cover however I don't like the women. Both covers are pretty dark but yeah UK again for me.

Which do you prefer?

Okay guys, this weeks US vs UK goes to..........The UK with 3 votes.

Tune in next week for more :) 


Kayleigh @ K-Books said...

i like the UK for both :)

Book Passion for Life said...

OMG! She does look like Katie Price! I hate her too. Lol Donna

haleyeliseread said...

UK on the first set for sure (:

When it comes to the Darkness Becomes Her book I have no idea which one I like more..I feel like the US cover is very plain and kinda boring..but the UK cover I don't like the model..she looks very 'muscular' and mad ):..but I think I still pick UK because like Donna I love the purple, and I also LOVE the font they use (:

SO I guess UK wins for me this week (:

Shawn Kirsten Maravel said...

I think I like the UK covers for both!

My keeper shelf said...

OMG Jess she does look like Katie Price, I'm going for US for both.

Anonymous said...

I actually like both covers of My Soul To Take, though if I had to choose, I'd probably go for the UK one!
As for Darkness Becomes Her, I really don't like the UK cover (that face is just awkward and creepy) and the US is just plain boring. So neither for me, really!

Michelle said...

I love UK soul screamers, but I prefer US for darkness becomes her. I have to agree with the Katie Price Similarities :D

Liz. R said...

I like the UK Soul Screamers, but I really dislike the UK cover for Darkness Becomes Her. It looks odd and weird and ah! I just find it too creepy. US one is much nicer :P.

Jennie said...

I think the UK cover for My Soul to Take is more fitting to the story, but somehow I don't like it. I just really like the US one. For Darkness Becomes Her, I've learned to like the US cover but I'm not too crazy about it. I don't like the UK one because it's too purple and washed out. I heard they're changing the US cover for the paperback so I can't wait to see it.

Nic @ Irresistible Reads said...

This week I actually prefer the US ones but just especially when it comes to My Soul to Save series :)

BooksforCompany said...

US + UK for My Soul To Take, love them both =)
100% (!!! UK for Darkness Becomes Her