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A Review for Strike: The Returning Sunrise (The STRIKE Trilogy #3) by Charlie Wood

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Release Date: December 10th, 2013
Finished Date: January 14th, 2014
Publishers: Self Published
Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction
Source: For Review
Format: Kindle
Pages: 465
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Tobin Lloyd has discovered the identity of the Daybreaker.
And it has shaken him to his very core.

Everything that Tobin knew has been destroyed. Boston, Massachusetts is under the control of super-villains. The world thinks he is a monster. And he can no longer even trust himself.

Now, Tobin and his friends--Orion, Keplar, and Scatterbolt--have only one chance at stopping Rigel and the Daybreaker: they must infiltrate the Daybreaker's skyscraper and uncover the next two phases of Rigel's plan for the invasion of Earth. If they don't, the entire universe is doomed.

No more questions. No more secrets. No holds barred.

It has all led to this.

STRIKE: THE RETURNING SUNRISE is the epic conclusion to the STRIKE Trilogy.

The Review: Strike: The Returning Sunrise is the action packed finale to the Strike Trilogy and it was a blast!
We join Strike/Tobin and the gang as they come to terms with the events of book two and the startling discovery of who the Daybreaker actually is. They may have taken some knocks but they are determined that good will triumph over evil once & for all. Tobin has an internal battle on his hands aswell as the one he is about to face as he questions just what is he really capable of? With Boston being hidden by a mysterious dome and under control of Rigel, Nova, the Daybreaker & the super villains, Tobin has got his work cut out for him because now he will have the tables turned on him as they all are viewed as the villains…. Time to put things right and change peoples misconceptions before the real bad guys put their 3 step plan into action and enslave humanity. Will they do it? Can they break through the web of lies & misdirection to show the people who the good guys really are?
So this is the end…I have to say that I have greatly enjoyed this series, it has been fun reading about Tobin/Strike and how he went from a cowardly boy who would love nothing more than to run away from his responsibilities into a young man with so much determination & an unwillingness to be defeated. Even though he has always been a character you could get behind, he definitely came into his own in this and has so many good traits that would set a good example to the reader. I have liked all of the characters throughout too, even the bad guys but particularly Strike’s team mates – Orion, Keplar & Scatterbolt – you couldn’t find a more diverse bunch but they fit so well together and became a family of sorts. I liked that it was now the turn for the rest of the characters to prove themselves, not just Tobin and I thought it was great that they all stepped up to the plate for him, very heart-warming and so nice to see that happen.
The storyline was again super fun, these books are jam packed with that and humour that definitely has me smiling most of the time. I thought the world building throughout the series has been very imaginative & original and tbh limitless because each book brought us something new whether it be creatures or places and they were all so different so the author has a lot of space to make new stories in Capricious. As throughout the series, this book has some epic battles which are fab to read I liked how the threat was enhanced again in this final book, how this was done, the circumstances around it & the fight that ensued because of it…. You always think you have things worked out but then something massive happens to throw the reader which really keeps you interested and I’ve said it for all of these books but will say it again, these battles, the world & creatures would look great visually and as a graphic novel. I think teen boys would absolutely love this series, it’s exciting, funny, action packed, filled with battles, super heroes, villains, fantastical worlds filled with creatures & creations, science, computers and even a Stephen King style dome – everything a good super hero story should have and one that has been so enjoyable for me. 

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