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A Review for Flame (Sky Chasers #3) by Amy Kathleen Ryan

Posted by Donna
Release Date: January 16th, 2014
Finished Date: January 18th, 2014
Publishers: Macmillian UK
Genre: YA, Sci-fi
Source: For Review
Format: Paperback
Pages: 336
In the thrilling conclusion to the Sky Chasers series Waverly, Kieran, and Seth struggle to survive on-board the New Horizon—and take down their enemies before it's too late.

Waverly and the other members of the Empyrean have scattered, and their home ship has been destroyed. Their mission to rescue their parents didn't go as planned, and now they're at an even greater disadvantage: trapped with their enemies on the New Horizon, trying to find a way to survive. Kieran has been pulled under Anne Mather’s wing, but is she really trying to make peace, or just using Kieran to build her own power? Meanwhile, Waverly is taken in by a mysterious old man who wants to help her bring Anne Mather down—but the more Waverly cooperates with him, the more dangerous her position is, and the more at odds with Kieran she becomes.

Seth's situation is even worse. After setting out from the Empyrean on his own, with only a vague strategy to guide him, he is a fugitive aboard the New Horizon. He's doing what he can to challenge the power of Anne Mather, but he's badly hurt, and getting sicker.

Will Seth ever see Waverly again? Will his health hold out long enough to help her topple their enemies? And will Waverly find a way to unite with her friends before they all fall? Nothing is sure and every moment is a risk in this explosive finale of the Sky Chasers series.

The Review: Flame is the highly anticipated finale to Amy Kathleen Ryan's explosive Sky Chasers series, and this time we see Waverly, Kieran and Seth trying to take down their enemies aboard the New Horizon in completely different ways. With Anne Mathers trying to organize peace on board, things don't exactly smooth when the people of the Empyrean find it hard to forget. They've lost so much - their home, their friends and their families and starting over on the New Horizon with people that rule with an iron fist, is not what they had in mind. Can Waverly, Kieran and Seth help their people get back all that they lost - or will they forever be under the rule of Anne Mathers? 

As soon as I started Flame, everything I adore about Amy Kathleen Ryan's writing came flooding back to me. From the very first page of this series, I've been completely at Amy's mercy because of her addictive storyline and with each book she's wrote it's been even better than the last, so Flame certainly didn't disappoint. I'm always worried when I head into a final book to a series because you just never know what to expect, and with Amy throwing in so many shocking twists, in all, it was a fantastic conclusion. 

I've always been a fan of Waverly's and this time around, she was just as good. She's clearly had a rougher time because she couldn't see anyway out of the mess her and her friends were in, and the fact that she felt so alone didn't help either. I think she's a very strong character, one that always tries to do the right thing, even though the right thing was not done to her. Her connection with Seth is as strong as ever and I was glad the story didn't focus on the love triangle - if anything, there isn't one any more. All three players - Waverly, Kieran and Seth all know what they want, and I was glad there was a happy ending for all. Seth and Kieran, by the end, I loved both of them. In the first two books I was on one team and then another, but like I said before, I'm glad Flame was more about the plot and not the romance. 

There are many players in the plot of this book, it's exciting to unravel whose really the 'good' person and who deserves to be the leader the most. Old faces pop up and new faces, and the whole story is a really driven plot. It's full of suspense and quiet emotional in parts. So as you can see, there's nothing that I didn't like about this story, there's nothing not to like. I think what stood out for me was the ending. I believe Amy really took the time to deliver an ending that would be unforgettable and do her readers proud, one that if I'm honest shocked me - but in such a good way. I honestly never would have thought about ending it the way she did, but I loved the idea and what she did for the characters was fantastic. 

I'm glad I decided to pick up the Sky Chasers series because it's one of my favourite science fiction series and I honestly don't have many, because I don't read much of the genre. But Amy has created a great series and I'm exciting to see what she writes next! 

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