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A Review for Breaking Point (Article 5 #2) by Kristen Simmons

Breaking Point (Article 5, #2)Posted by Donna
Release Date: Febraury 12th, 2013
Finished Date: February 18th, 2013
Publishers: Tor Teen
Source: For Review
Format: Hardcover
Pages:  400
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The second installment in Kristen Simmons's fast-paced, gripping YA dystopian series.

After faking their deaths to escape from prison, Ember Miller and Chase Jennings have only one goal: to lay low until the Federal Bureau of Reformation forgets they ever existed.

Near-celebrities now for the increasingly sensationalized tales of their struggles with the government, Ember and Chase are recognized and taken in by the Resistance—an underground organization working to systematically take down the government. At headquarters, all eyes are on the sniper, an anonymous assassin taking out FBR soldiers one by one. Rumors are flying about the sniper’s true identity, and Ember and Chase welcome the diversion….

Until the government posts its most-wanted list, and their number one suspect is Ember herself.

Orders are shoot to kill, and soldiers are cleared to fire on suspicion alone. Suddenly Ember can’t even step onto the street without fear of being recognized, and “laying low” is a joke. Even members of the Resistance are starting to look at her sideways.

With Chase urging her to run, Ember must decide: Go into hiding…or fight back?

The Review: His fingers brushed the dark, cropped bangs away from my eyes, and his lips pressed softly against my brow. "I remember who you are. Even if you forget," he said. 

For the last year I’ve been highly awaiting Breaking Point, Kristen Simmon’s sequel to Article 5 and I’m so pleased to say what a spectacular sequel it is.  

Ember and Chase are now in hiding out with The Resistance after faking their own deaths to keep Federal Bureau of Reformation of their backs. The Resistance tries to put pressure on Ember to help fight their causes, but Ember’s trying to hide as much as she can especially since the Federal post a most wanted list is posted, listing Ember as number one suspect for being the assassin who keep taking out their soldiers. Ember has a choice, stay and fight or to continue to hide but first she needs to correct her mistakes by trying to save a friend in need. 

Kristen Simmons doesn’t disappoint with Breaking Point. It’s fast paced, dangerous and highly addictive. Ember and Chase are thrown in to multiple situations that really leave you sitting on the edge of your seat. It’s so very hard to not be invested in these characters because they are portrayed so well and the situations they are put in are so believable. The world they live in throws so many twists and turn at them that you’re worried for them, for the safety, for everything really. I just love the direction the author is taking these characters; they’re growing and getting stronger every single day and they’re becoming the people they really want to be – people that stand up for what they believe in. 
Not only that but Ember and Chase’s relationship is tested during Breaking Point, at times it was seriously nail biting and so emotional – I loved it. I much prefer a couple that have struggles rather than it all be hearts and flowers. It’s so much more real. As I said I love the direction the author is taking these characters I can’t wait for the third and final book!

All in all, Breaking Point is a heart-pounding and action-packed sequel; one that certainly won’t disappoint you and instead leave you begging for more. Fantastic! 


nat cleary said...

Great review!! I cant wait to read this :)

Sara Slattery said...

I love this series! And yes, definitely dangerous and addictive. I have no idea how it will end but I can't wait to find out! Great review! :)

~Sara @ Forever 17 Books

Jasprit said...

Yay I'm so glad that you loved this book Donna, I was a bit worried as the initial reviews that came in weren't that great, but this book sounds like a lot of fun! I can't wait to get started on it! :)

Suzanne @ Paranormal Book Fan said...

I haven't made a start on this series yet but I really want to. I'm glad this one was just as fast paced and addictive. And I agree, I much prefer reading couples with struggles. Flowers and hearts can be quite boring lol. Great review Donna :)

rogier said...

Great review!! I cant wait to read this :)

Maji Bookshelf said...

I have to say, I didn't enjoy Ember all that much in this novel, she was whiny way too much, but yea, a lot of stuff happens here and I like the world building development!

- Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

YearningtoRead said...

Ahhhhh I got a copy from TOR and neeeeed to read it!! Your review is just teasing me...taunting me...MUST READ SOON!