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A Review for Because of Low (Sea Breeze #2) by Abbi Glines

Because of Low (Sea Breeze, #2)Posted by Jess
Release Date: February 7th, 2012
Finished Date: January 17th, 2013
Publishers: Wild Child Publishing
Source: Bought
Format: Kindle
Pages: 304
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In my debut novel, Breathe, Sadie may have fallen in love with the teen rock star, Jax Stone, but readers fell head over heels for Marcus Hardy. This is his story…

Marcus Hardy had hoped to enjoy a year away at college while he put the summer he’d rather forget behind him. But instead, he’s jerked right back to the coastal town of Sea Breeze, Alabama due to a family crisis. His dear ol' dad found himself a girlfriend only a few years older than Marcus. So now his sister needs help dealing with their mother who is mentally falling apart. The only bright spot to returning is the fascinating red head who sleeps over several times a week. The problem is she's sleeping in bed with his new roommate, Cage York.

Willow “Low” Foster needs a place to live. Running to Cage’s apartment every time her sister kicks her out isn’t exactly a long term solution. Juggling her courses at the local community college and a part time job doesn’t produce excess income. But Cage has a new roommate and suddenly sleeping over at her best friend’s apartment isn’t such a bad thing. Not when she gets to see those sexy green eyes of Marcus Hardy’s twinkle when he smiles at her like he wants her there.
Even though Cage seems a little territorial where Low is concerned, Marcus finds time to spend with Low without upsetting his roommate. Cage may use his small college baseball star persona to sleep with every hot female in his path but he’s still under the disillusion that when he’s through sowing his wild oats, he’s going to marry Low. Marcus intends to change that assumption for both Cage and Low. Until his carefully laid plans come crashing down with a revelation he never expected. He’ll have to choose between Low or his family. Because once the truth comes out.... there’s no other choice.

The Review: “I don’t think I’m making myself very clear Low,” he’d lowered his voice and the effect made goose bumps break out over my body. “I was only interested in one person at that bar last night. I only came to see one person,” he tucked a strand of hair behind my ear and softly caressed my earlobe before tracing the line of my jaw. “I was there for you.” -Marcus

Ugh. I'm so in love with this series!! I loved Marcus in Breathe and I hated that he was so sad and lost in that one, so I absolutely couldn't WAIT to read his story, he deserved an HEA.

Because of Low was fantastic, everything about was awesome and I just couldn't put it down. As I've said before with my other Abbi Glines reviews, she has a way of sucking you into her books and her stories keep you riveted from page to page. There is never a character of her that I don't like or enjoy reading about. The story in Because of Low was no different, this story was better in the sense the story was slightly grittier, and the twist that came about which you'll see yourself working out before it comes to be revealed causes disruption and chaos between Marcus and Low. I found myself having worked it out before it was fully revealed and everything then turned to poo after that. For a while...

Because of Low is most certainly steamier than the first, and getting in Marucs' head was a complete treat for the mind. I mean seriously the boy is fracking HOT, and you will mostly definitely love the more intimate moments between him and the gorgeous Willow. I love his and Low's relationship and the way it developed throughout the story. Their relationship goes through some serious hurdles but thankfully love really did conquer all in the end.

Overall Because of Low was a fantastic read, great pacing, messed up characters, real issues, hot scenes and great romance. Marcus will have you fanning yourself and swooning. Abbi seriously hasn't let me down as a reader so far and I don't think she intends to start. So I suggest you pick up this book (I think you can skip ahead of Breathe) and just get down to it with Marcus and Low.


Danny Bookworm said...

I was sooo glad I read this one even though I didn't really like the first one. This one was amazing! Loved it, I loved Low and Marcus and truth to be told I also loved the more steamier theme:))

And I perfectly agree with you, one can totally skip Sea Breeze and jump right into this series with Because of Low!

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