Friday 6 July 2012

A Review for One Night that Changed Everything by Lauren Barnholdt.

One Night That Changes EverythingPosted by Donna
Release Date: July 6th, 2010
Finished Date: July 1st, 2012
Publishers: Simon & Schuster
Source: Swapped
Format: Paperback
Pages: 272
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Two years ago, when Eliza Sellman was in ninth grade, her dad found out he was being transfered and the family was going to move. Having always been shy and not so confident about her body, Eliza took that opportunity to start a list in her private notebook of all the things she planned on doing when she moved but had always been afraid to—like wearing a miniskirt and asking guys to dance; singing karaoke in front of strangers; posting a photo of herself on her Facebook wall in a get the idea. New town, new Eliza, right? Well, she'll never know because the transfer fell through and they didn't move. But Eliza kept adding her goals and secret fears to the list in the notebook. Now it's two years later, and in that time Eliza has had and lost her first boyfriend. But this was more than your average breakup...turns out the sweet and cute Cooper was only dating her as a hazing stunt by a secret society. Eliza got her revenge by posting some pretty nasty (and only sort-of true) stuff about Cooper online. That posting has had major consequences and now Cooper and his buddies have stolen her private notebook and won't give it back until she performs all the things on her list in one night. It's torture...until Eliza steals something from the boys she knows they'll want to trade her notebook for. What starts out as a night of humiliation turns into a night of revelations as Eliza learns what Cooper was really thinking when they dated, the real reason he's stolen her notebook, and how freeing—and life-changing—it can be to do the things you fear the most.

The Review: I’ve had a few days off from reviewing books, so finally I’ve been able to catch up with my own books that have been sitting on my shelf for a while, and One Night that Changed Everything was one of them. 

I won’t re-cap the synopsis because it tells you pretty much what you need to know, but I will say before reading this GO AND READ “Before that Night” by Lauren Barnholdt. This is the prequel to One Night that Changed Everything and I’m so glad I read it first, because it gives you the details on how Elize and Cooper first met. I felt it was a very important part of the story and although Lauren does a good job giving you the details on long the way, I still felt there could have been more and I would have missed some of the details, had I had not read the prequel.

Anyway, the story was just what I needed for a quick, enjoyable weekend read. Full of laughs, embarrassing and emotional times, One Night that Changed Everything was a good read. I really enjoyed the way the author had set the book up, because it’s told over the span of one night. You can see the time ticking down for the main character Elize, so it gives you a lot of intense scenes – some which are quite heart-breaking. 

I really enjoyed Elize as a character; she was fun and bubbly and had insecurities about herself like any normal teenage girl. What made Eliza stand out was the fact that most of the secrets in her diary, are probably some other girls secrets too. Don’t we all wish we could walk up to a guy and ask him to dance? Or tell someone a deep secret? I know I do, and I know someone people will agree with me. My only problem with Elize as a character was that she was a little naïve at times and I wished she’d open her eyes and see Cooper for who he was. I loved Cooper! I thought he was a great love interest. And although you have to guess his real feelings for Elize, because of what he’s done to her, you can see that he does love her. 

I really do enjoy Lauren Barnholdt’s work but I do have a slight problem and that’s the ending of her books. From the books I’ve read so far, there’s no closure. As soon as the characters make up, the book ends and I feel like there is more than enough room for a few extra chapters, so we, as readers can see the characters happy together. Other than that, I enjoyed it. 


Danny Bookworm said...

The ending if a book is as important as the beginning of a book! Truly! And I get what you mean, a less than satisfying ending can ruin the love for a book, which is sad! Still, the book sounds cute and I like heroines that are fun and bubbly :-)

Carly Chambers said...

Great review, Donna! I hare it when the ending of a book leaves too many loose ends! But I think this sounds like a lot of fun so I might have to check out the first book! I also love that cover! :)

Jasprit said...

I'm glad at least that you had some fun with this book Donna, I think I've only ever read one book  by Barnholdt, but this sounds like a fun read that I may try and check out! :)

caroline.taylor078 said...

This sounds like the type of book I would get for the kindle where I wouldn't be sure I wanted to keep it but I am interested in the storyline!

Gaby said...

I actually like this book a lot :) I loved the cover too.

Lea Krnjeta said...

I usually love 
Barnholdts books so I will read this one.It seems it will be the best one so far.

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