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{Review} The Phoenix Shadow (Arcadian Wars #2) by M.H. Soars

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Release Date: July 28th, 2015
Finished Date: July 28th, 2015
Publishers: Self Published
Genre: NA, Paranormal Romance
Source: For Review
Format: eBook
Pages: Unknown
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When the walls of lies begin closing in, who do you trust?

There is nothing worse than failure, especially one that results in your school being attacked by a ruthless enemy. Still reeling from the aftermath of the previous night, Sam and her cousins must deal with another crisis: Alexia has run away.

To top it off, there are new players in town. The young Arcadians will be forced to work closely with the prestigious Nox Elite. But they will soon find out that nursing a bruised ego is nothing compared to fighting a faceless enemy, battling personal demons, and dealing with revelations that will forever change their lives.

*Note from the author: Due to strong language and mature content this book is recommended to readers 17+. This is a Paranormal Romance novel

The Review: The Phoenix Shadow is the second installment of the Arcadian Wars series and is packed full of answers…
In the last book we find that Alexia and Ethan are the ‘chosen ones’ but they aren’t really taking it very well; Alexia has ran away and her protectors/cousins are dealing with the aftermath. Whilst the answers everyone is hoping to find are more forthcoming, it only leads to more conflict within the group as relationships begin to break down and new comers put a spanner in the works. The Nox Elite are not only focussed on protecting the ‘chosen ones’ but also on finding the dealer and manufacturer of a deadly drug that is affecting the youth in town and also dealing with the possessed who are intent on harming not only other…but themselves.
So, I enjoyed this book and it was very easy to get back into. Although we have a prophecy with a pair of chosen – Alexia & Ethan – I was glad that this didn’t revolve solely around them because I was very into the other characters last time around and they share just as much of the story. Alexia and Ethan are struggling to come to terms with their status in the Arcadians prophecy, they haven’t taken the deception very well and then there is the whole siblings/non siblings strife that the deception brought to the table. Ethan wouldn’t even be helping if it wasn’t for Alexia and her views so they get on with it. I liked these two together in book one and like them together now, apart from needing to bond to release some pent up power they pretty much take a back seat for most of the story although they do share some very pivotal scenes. I liked seeing them work together and be able to be open with each other which gave them an air of maturity especially when they can put aside their grievances with the others over their secrets and lies to do what is right for the greater good.
Sam and Matthew were another stand out couple for me in book one and I was glad to see them get more of a starring role, Sam stole the show for me here and I really like her character. She has a really tough time of it in this book as Gary lets her in on her origins, she and Matthew go through turbulent times and her pull to Julian seems to be getting stronger plus her friend is barely talking to her and her sister is acting very strange for one of the Nox Elite and when you’re so in tune you can feel the others emotions….. not good.
The storyline is a very good progression but very reactional to what you find out in this book so I can’t really say much about what happens. For the most part there is a lot of relationship drama between everyone, and I don’t just mean bf/gf stuff – there is some pretty big disclosures that could affect many people. There is a lot of emphasis on the Arcadian protectors being given their memories back of a time that could be too traumatic for them and lends the question as to whether they should be given them back because it’s already affecting one of our characters. The enemy has plans afoot again and they are using possession as a tool but also drugs so the gang have to investigate that and find out where it’s coming from because it has ties to their race. Elsewhere, we get a little romance from Alexia & Ethan as they attempt to follow the prophecy, by bonding and making their connection stronger… will it work?
There are some great scenes throughout both emotional & physical. More than one character will have their life in the balance which knocks the whole group, as the secrets are unraveled a lot of emotions are raw and they all will need to build bridges with each other. The battles they have seem to be getting more frequent and more intense so let’s hope they continue to protect themselves and their charges. There’s a little twist that comes to light that brings up more questions about the prophecy and will someone please just tell me what the deal with Sam’s necklace is?

3.5 Stars!

Thank you to M.H. Soars for giving me the opportunity to review this book in exchange for an honest review.

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