Wednesday, 4 March 2015

WBD Teen Fest: Why I Can’t Live Without Books + Giveaway #cantlivewithoutbooks

Today we are celebrating WORLD BOOK DAY Teen Fest!
Over the next few days World Book Day be hosting their first multi-platform online festival, targeted specifically at teenagers. They have author interviews, exclusive author blog posts, book-related DIY videos, author Spotify playlists, trade secrets on how to land yourself a job in the publishing world and #shelfies (photos of authors’ book shelves!) There are some fabulous authors taking part such as Holly Smale,  Gayle Forman, Non Pratt to name a few. You can find the schedule HERE. So don't forget to stop by and check out the online festival. 

Why I Can't Live Without Books. 

I can remember a time when I never read. Sad I know, but it’s also one of my biggest regrets. When I look back on my childhood, I had a great time but I can’t help ask myself ‘what would it have been like if I’d read?’ If I’m honest I feel like I’ve missed out on something. 

Fast forward 10 years and it brings me to my early 20’s and I did start to read slowly but I never really found the right genre until Twilight and Twilight of course made me discover a whole new world of young adult books and I was hooked from the start. 

Reading for me now is a part of my everyday life. I cannot NOT read. There is never a time where I’m not halfway through a book or even when I’m not thinking of reading. Reading has become a passion. It’s something not only to fall in love with but it’s an escape into someone else’s world and a journey of discovery. A discovery into all the magical what if’s of the world. What if this really happened? Whether it is contemporary or dystopia, or sci-fi or fantasy I love it. I love seeing the ideas that other people have and, read them from the pages and get lost in the world that is created. It’s the best feeling when you’ve finished a book that you absolutely loved and you can’t stop thinking about it. It’s even better when you have people around you that you can share your thoughts with too.

So, it’s plain and simple for me, I love reading and it’s a love that won’t be ever going away.  

World Book Day have kindly donated a YA book bundle for one lucky winner.  This giveaway is only open to UK & IRE and is open until 11th March 2015.


Megan McDade said...

I can't live without books because they are my escape.

Megan Mc Dade/ reading away the days

Gemma Surtees said...

Because I love to read. I love the feelings that come with a good book and looking forward to the next time I can pick it up and carry on the story.

Shannon Rocks said...

I can't live without books because there is nothing I love more than relaxing and escaping into a new world. I will never be finished with my continuously growing to-read list :)

Natalie Cleary said...

Who can live without books!!!! I read for pleasure and to escape.

Jess Watkins said...

I love to immerse myself in new worlds and follow characters as they grow :)

laura banks said...

they help me chill

Yvonne ShadowRealm said...

I can't live without books because the take me on amazing journeys and adventures that I would never get to go on otherwise. They help me to relax and to escape

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