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Author Interview with Debra Anastasia & Giveaway!

As some of you know I recently read and review Crushed Seraphim by Debra Anastasia (See review), which I recommend you all give a go. My new BFF Debra was kind enough to answer some questions for us. :)

How does a foul-mouthed angel end up as the last hope for all of Heaven and Earth?

When Seraph Emma is maimed and tossed from Heaven by a rogue angel who’s taken charge, she fears she’ll never be allowed to return. Tasked with the impossible job of showing the self-loathing (and not even human!) Jason his worth, Emma is sure she’s doomed to fail.

Meanwhile, having wormed his way into Heaven, the corrupt Everett has trapped God in Hell and has designs on unleashing evil everywhere. Fortunately, if there’s one thing Emma can’t do (in addition to minding her language), it’s give up. Determined to save Jason and get back to Heaven—even if it means going to Hell—Emma’s plan is simple yet impossible: trick the Devil to save God.

What she doesn’t count on is the devotion and, well, humanity she finds in Jason; the spirit, hidden compassion, and raw sex appeal within the Devil; and the vulnerability of her own heart. With the help of two unlikely allies, she’ll wage the battle for Heaven. But will Emma be sidetracked by a new sort of heaven along the way?

What’s truly more dangerous? Falling from Heaven, or falling in love?

So that's a little about the book. Now here are the questions that Debra kindly answered. Just a note about this particular picture...this is the picture Debra uses for everything, I'll let you all decide if you think that's her teasing her hubby or not...tis a mystery...

Hi Debra!

Thanks for taking the time to do this interview, I realise Jack is impatient and will want you back soon.

     1.  What inspired you to write Crushed Seraphim?                                                        

First, thank you for being such a fun reader. I have had a ball getting to know you! I went into writing Crushed Seraphim thinking it would be a fun, snarky Christmas fiction. Boy, was I surprised when God turned up! It really did evolve into a much more dramatic story than I intended. I wanted an angel that had lots of flaws, but her core --where she made her decisions from-- had to be courageous and pure.

2. Did you have a plan set out for where you wanted your characters to go? Or was it just a ‘wing it and see’ situation?

I see what you did there with the wing. You’re so damn cute. I did think it was going to be one way and once I got into it, the plot and characters did their own thing. So I guess I did wing it. ;)

3. What made you decide that Jack, the Devil was actually a good guy…of sorts?

Again, the characters surprise me more than half the time. I did not expect to find a love interest for Emma in the bowels of the earth. I saw a picture of Johnny Depp that inspired the whole scene for when Emma arrives in Hell. You actually included it in your book boyfriend meme. He’s surrounded by empty bottles and looks so tired and lost. Immediately, Jack took his first breath for me. He would be sexy and bad but have something in him that we wanted to heal. (And now he wants me to tell you that that thing is in his pants!)

4. How long was the writing process for Crushed Seraphim?

Writing it took about eight months. The editing and publishing part took about a year from the green light to holding a copy. My publishers are fantastic, my editors are very talented.

5. Out of all the characters in your book, who was the most fun to write?

I love writing my dirty boys, those characters always make me laugh. But I think I love kick ass girls the best. Women are such fierce people; there’s so much to draw from. Women in our everyday lives are such quiet heroes. The laundry, the kids, making sure all the random jobs get done at work. I have a deep respect for my gender.

6. Are you a religious person and do you believe in angels, God and the Devil?

I’m not traditionally religious. I don’t picture God, the devil, or angels like I do in my book. I think good energy is where we come from. What you put into this world matters, positive energy, prayers, trying your best to make good choices that are full of compassion. And angels for me are the continuation of love. I mean, when you lose someone you love, you can still feel them, knowing that they are still in the universe, so that’s Heaven.

7. Crushed Seraphim isn’t full of thousands of characters, but out of all of them that you did include, were there any minor characters that ended up having a much bigger role to play than you originally planned?

Jack was supposed to be a scary monster that Emma had to escape from, and he really changed my whole freaking plot. He was worth it though.

8. You’re currently in the process of writing a sequel to Crushed Seraphim. Can you tell us a little about it?

I’m on chapter fifteen of Crushed Seraphim’s sequel. I can tell you that when I’m not writing it with my fingers, I’m writing it in my head. There are scenes that will be so much fun to finally see on the paper. We’ll meet two new characters that are just some of my favorites ever. The back and forth between Jack and Jason is a pisser to write. They are really hating each other right now. I hope to be done with the first draft by December.

9. Are you going to make Crushed Seraphim a series or just two books?

Right now the outline is for two books. There’s quite a world to be explored so I wouldn’t rule out more from the Seraphim. But at the end book two the reader will have a resolution for all the characters they met in the first book.

10. If they turned Crushed Seraphim into a movie, who would be your ideal cast?

Wow! I’ve never actually thought of that. Well, we know I’d pick Mr. Depp for Jack. Jason could be Steve Burton from General Hospital. Emma… I picture a blonde Michelle Monaghan. Everett has to be evil. I bet Ryan Gossling could play that role.

11. If you could add a soundtrack to Crushed Seraphim which three songs would you pick?

I have to have music on while I write, so I love this question so much!

Song #1 is soooo Jack, “Heaven” by OAR. The lyrics on that one made me stop the van one day and jot them down so I could find the song when I got home.

“I don’t wanna go to Heaven if they don’t want me.” 

Song# 2 is my Jason. “Stay or Leave” by The Dave Matthews Band, though my favorite version is a Tim Reynolds and Dave acoustic!

“Remember we used to danceAnd everyone wanted to beYou and meI want to be tooWhat day is this? Besides the day you left me?”

And Song #3 for Emma is a tie! Between: “Lying in the hands of God” by Dave Matthews and “Won’t Back Down” by Eminem.

The Eminem song makes me feel so angry, it’s great for action scenes. I feel like I could head butt a dinosaur to death when I hear that one. Can’t quote any of his filthy lyrics.

And Lying in the Hands of God may be the most perfect song ever written. It just is like, whoa.

“Save your sermons for someone that's afraid to love. If you knew what I feel then you couldn't be so sure. I'll be right here lying in the hands of God. If you feel angels in your hand, Tear drops of joy runs down your face, you will rise.” 

I could go on for hours about music. 

12. Are you currently working on any future works?

Well, Jack really wants me to only write his story, but I do have other things going as well. I recently contributed to an anthology where all the proceeds go to Save the Tata’s. My short story appears in the Heat Wave edition because it has sexy times in it. Aeliea is an evil princess that takes a strong warrior captive. He then shows her the meaning behind trying to be a kind person. There’s also a YA anthology that has sweet love stories. Great stories for a great cause. Everyone involved donated his or her services. My publisher, Omnific Publishing, rocks.

This November 22nd my novel, Poughkeepsie, is being released as well.

A simple smile, set on repeat, coming from a pretty train commuter has a deep effect on the homeless man sitting in the shade. When she dares to step between Blake and a bunch of bullies at the train station, her bravery and his kindness flames a love that neither can deny.

I’ve been working on this one a very long time and I’m so damn excited for its release.

3 Random questions:

1. If you were invisible for a day, where would you go and who would you see?

Apparently I’m super boring. I would totally go to my kids’ school and watch them interact with their friends and teachers. I’m crazy about those two things I pushed out of my body. I love seeing their faces change when a thought crosses their minds. And if anybody messed with them? Then I would be able to trip the jerks and be totally immature without anyone knowing it was me. If the kids had off from school that day then I’d find a movie set and sneak around there. I bet that would be fun.

2. What do you want readers to know about you?

That I’m crazy. My twitter is about the weirdest feed in the world. I love potty humor. I can’t be an adult when someone farts. I hate spiders. I pray for road kill. If I don’t laugh hard at some point my day has been wasted. I hate my bra and tear it off the minute I get home. Then I throw it like it’s on fire and can’t find it when I need it. I have only two bras I like. I named them the president and the vice president, because they can never fly together in the laundry. And if I’m not having a good time, it’s my own damn fault.

3. If they made a movie about your life, who would you like to be cast as you?

That would be a tie. I think it’d have to be Angelina Jolie for when I’ve been angry in the past. I kind of go all primeval-ish. And for the rest of the movie I think Chris Farley (RIP) with a long blonde wig would really capture my delicate, feminine ways. When I load the dishwasher, all the plates are afraid to the point of shaking that they won’t make it out alive.

Jess! You are so much fun, I’m thrilled we are new BFF’s. You made being featured on your blog such a party! 


You are welcome Debra! Thank you for allowing me to review this book and taking the time to answer these questions for our followers. 


Right! On to the giveaway! Not only has Debra kindly taken the time to do this interview, but she has kindly donated 2 e-copies of Crushed Seraphim along with book mark bling! What is book mark bling I hear you ask? Well  take a look at the picture below...the book mark bling is a type of silver and gold elastic with bling on either end of it. Debra makes these herself :)

What you can win:

2 lucky winners will have the chance to win an e-copy of Crushed Seraphim plus 1 book mark bling.

2 Runners up will each receive 1 book mark bling.

So to be in with a chance of winning,GIVEAWAY CLOSED! There are extra entries, but these are not necessary to win. Please read our Giveaway Policy so that you are aware of the rules you must adhere to. This giveaway is open Internationally! 

Giveaway ends on September 2nd. The winner and runners up will be picked at Random.Org and will be notified by email. You will then have 48 hours to respond or a new winner/runner up will be picked. We will then notify Debra and she will send out the e-book and the book mark bling.

Good Luck everyone and happy reading! :)


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