Thursday, 23 June 2011

A review for Purpose (Soul Savers #2) by Kristie Cook

Posted by Donna
Published Date: December 6th, 2010
Finished Date: June 22nd, 2011
Source: Brought
Format: Kindle
Pages: 377
The Blurb from Goodreads: Lost in despair, Alexis teeters on the edge of an abyss, her lifeline of hope fraying into a thin thread. If it snaps, she’ll plunge into complete darkness. With the help of her son and her writing, she’s been able to hold on. Until now. Erratic impulses, disturbing delusions and her own demonic blood threaten her sanity. When she’s forced to choose between hanging onto hope or letting go to serve her Amadis purposes, she faces a decision with inconceivable sacrifices. Alexis runs to the one place she thinks will provide answers, only to find herself at the center of another battle of good versus evil, not only with the Daemoni, not only within herself…but also against the worst opponent imaginable. But even if she wins, what will she lose?

The Review: 3.5 rating! After that cliff-hanger at the end of Promise (book 1) I had to start this book straight away. I was dying to find out what happened! And again, Kristie Cook doesn’t disappoint with her story. 

After the events in Promise….seven years have passed. Everyone believes Tristan is dead other than Alexis. As the years have gone by, Alexis has never given up hope but has slowly slipped into a state of depression. As Alexis tries to battle her inner demons, she is forced to choose between her love for Tristan or to serve the Amadis by having a daughter with someone else. With no other options, Alexis turned towards her enemy leaving her life in danger…..but will anyone come to her rescue? 

I really enjoyed this story. Once again we’re thrown into the lives of Alexis and Tristan and it is just as good as the first one. Once I started reading I knew I’d like the story...however, I was extremely shocked that 7 whole years had passed. That’s a long time but nonetheless, it was a still an interesting route to take because so much had happened within the years. As you can imagine not being able to find out what happened to Tristan and knowing he’d been gone for so long....I did start to get worried BUT I’m glad things got back on track. 

For me, I enjoyed Alexis so much more in this story…maybe not the first 20% of the book because she was so depressed because you sometimes felt the weight of her troubles on you. To say the least I definitely felt more connected to her this time around. Not only do we see her troubles but we also see her highs, we finally find out about her powers and what is actually is. So a lot of questions were answered. Finally! 

I loved that we got to see little Dorian and he was a great addition. And that last scene with him….get ready for the tissues. I’d been eagerly awaiting that scene through most of the book so when it happened I loved it, so emotional and such a happy moment. I bet your wondering what scene I’m on about…well…I’m not going to tell you. Guess you better read it and find out. 

Overall, I enjoyed the second book as much as the first. I’m looking forward to seeing what the author comes up with next.

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