Sunday, 27 March 2011

'Because it is bitter' a chapter from Jace's POV in City of Ashes

Afternoon everyone,

Just thought we would share this with everyone who hasn't seen it yet. Earlier today Cassandra Clare posted the Seelie Court Chapter in City of Ashes, for her Twitter followers and avid fans, just to celebrate her having hit 25,000 followers. 

Basically this is the scene where Jace and Clary and the rest of the crew are in the Seelie court meeting with the faerie queen. Remember? The one where Jace and Clary kiss because its the kiss that Clary most desires. *cough* Jace too*cough*. Well this is the same scene but written from Jace's POV. 

So if you want to read it, just follow the link below

I think you'll be pleasantly impressed, and love Jace so much more than you already do :)

Originally posted by Cassandra Clare


Liz. R said...

THANK YOU. I had no idea about this (shameful, I know, seeing as I'm a big Mortal Instruments fan). Thanks for letting us know!

Book Passion for Life said...

No problem Liz. Glad we could help :)

Book Passion for Life said...

Ooohhh I JUST READ IT! I loved it! Lol Donna x

Book Passion for Life said...

It is bloody amazing lol! How much more do you love Jace after that? Tortured Jace. Jx