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Showcase Sunday #2

Showcase Sunday is a new weekly meme hosted by Vicky @ Books Biscuits and Tea. We will now be taking part in Showcase Sunday instead of In My Mailbox. If you'd like to join see HERE for more details.

Donna's Showcase!!!

For Review: 
Rapture (Fallen #4) by Lauren Kate
(Squeeeee! I can't wait to see how it ends!!!) 
New Girl by Paige Harbison
Hunting Lila by Sarah Alderson 
(Read ages ago but bought a new copy for a signed with the author) 
The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa 
(Read ages ago but bought to add to my collection)
The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa
(Read ages ago but bought to add to my collection)
£7.40/$12 Amazon Giftcard of off Kindle Fever.
Thank you Bex!
eBooks bought off of Amazon: 
(click on the cover to be taken to Goodreads) 
Touch Me Sweet Evil Her Perfect Getaway More than Meets the Ink
I've really started getting into adult contemporary reads so I just can't stop purchasing them at the moment. There's fun, quick and hot reads and I love them! Lol. Her Perfect Getaway was one I finished this morning and really liked it =) If anyone has any recommendations, I'd love to hear them.
A huge thank you to Mira, Random House, Kindle Fever!! 

Jess's Showcase!!!

For Review: 
New Girl by Paige Harbison
Looking forward to this! I know the story of 'Rebecca' very well and I enjoyed the mystery behind it. So I look forward to reading this. Thank you MIRA Ink for allowing me to review this.

Black Dawn (The Morganville Vampires #12) by Rachel Caine
Fifty Shades Darker (Fifty Shades #2) by E. L. James
Fifty Shades Freed (Fifty Shades #3) by E. L. James

I've already read the Fifty Shades Trilogy and loved it. I just really wanted the finished copies! And I got them! Looking forward to Black Dawn. I have yet to finish Ghost Town and start Last Breath, but it's nice to know I won't need to wait so long to pick this one up.

eBooks bought off of Amazon: 
(Click the book cover to be taken to Goodreads)
False Start Luscious Love Wicked Weekend (Pleasure Code, #1) Tempting the Best Man Scrap Metal The Rebuilding Year
I've suddenly come to reading a lot of Erotica as you know. (Thank you Fifty!). But some of the newest additions I've started to read are Male/Male erotica. I'm sorry if this touches your ICK factor as I know it isn't always to peoples tastes. But I enjoyed them. They're actually really well written. I recently read The 51st Thursday and Scrap Metal and they were fabulous!  They are short stories, and I intend to read more very soon. 
If you are interested in reading m/m romances, you can read my very SHORT reviews for The 51st Thursday and Scrap Metal on my Goodreads account:
The 51st Thursday by Mercy Celeste
Scrap Metal by Harper Fox

That's it from me this week! I hope there are books in there that intrigue you and get added to your ever growing TBR lists.


kara-karina said...

Oh, I see Fifty is conquering the world one book at a time! ;) I want to read  More Than Meets The Ink too, Donna, it has been on my wishlist for awhile, so I'll b]e looking forward to your review :) Enjoy all your books, girls!

Suzanne Finnegan said...

So many awesome books girls. I really enjoyed New Girl and The Iron Fey series. I'm waiting for my copy of Black Dawn, this is an amazing series. And Sweet Evil is also on my to buy list. Happy Reading!!

Mist_BookaholicsBookClub said...

I'm thinking of getting tempting the best man. I've been in the mood for more adult books lately and have been reading more erotica to.
I have sweet evil preordered in pb because it's only three and a half pounds on amazon!

Daniƫlle @ Daily Dose of Books said...

Oh my god! Rapture :D I'm dying to read it! I hope you enjoy it :)

Melanie Hall said...

Awesome books ladies, envious as always ;)

Becky @ A Reader's Devotion said...

I love Hunting Lila. I'm looking forward to the sequel. I also want to read Sweet Evil. It looks really good.

 I am currently reading Black Dawn and really enjoying it. The Fifty Shades series is also on my list and has been for awhile.

Good Hauls :D

My Haul

Michelle said...

Great haul for you both.  I have New Girl and I am making my way though it now, but love it already.  Very jealous you have Black Dawn, hopefully my copy arrives in time to get signed on Fri, if not  will take it to York the week after. :D

Take a look at what I go this week

Carina said...

Awesome, awesome book, ladies! I'm desperately awaiting the arrival of my paperback copy of SWEET EVIL (sometimes the shipping to Germany seriously sucks) and really hope to get to read NEW GIRL and HUNTING LILA soon. Happy reading! :)

theliteraturelion said...

I surprisingly didn't like the Fallen series that much! But I need to get into the Iron Fey series - I've only read the first one!

Here's my IMM!Happy reading!-Lexi, the Literature Lion

Vivienne_dacosta said...

I wonder if after I have read the Fifty books, my choices will change too. I love the book yuo have chosen. I have New Girl too. 

Ifmarybooks said...

I LOVE the iron feys series by Julie Kagawa :). My favorite is the last one The Iron Knight <3 ! And i'm team Puck !!!
I heard amazing things about sweet evil I really need to buy this book !
Happy reading ! I hope you'll like all these books.

Fara Nani said...

Eeeeppp!!! Hunting Lila! Awesome haul! :D

Drop by my Showcase Sunday?

Sabrina Abouthappybooks said...

I also read the Fifty books first as ebooks and now I bought them as print versions. Sometimes you just have to have two versions of the same book. :)

Sarah E. said...

Great books this week - I love the Iron Fey series! I want to read Sweet Evil, 50 Shades, Black Dawn, and any of Lauren Kate's books - I've heard she is a great author!

Shaheen said...

Wow! Donna - I hope you love Rapture and that it answers all the questions!!! I can't wait to get my hands on it. I also really want to read Sweet Evil! Jess - Hot books :D I haven't read any of the Fifty books, but I want to read them now because everyone else has! 

I hope you both enjoy your goodies!
Shaheen @ Speculating on SpecFicI don't do IMM posts anymore either, but you can visit my Stocktake Saturday post!

Sam @ Realm of Fiction said...

Excited to see Sweet Evil and Black Dawn in your book hauls. Have fun reading them! :)

WTF Are You Reading said...

YUMMMMMM!!!  Don't feel bad about all the books!  I have so many I had to make a widget!
Under the mail box!
 WTF Are You Reading?: WTF's In My Mailbox #2

Jasprit @ The Readers Den said...

Awesome set of books ladies! I've been seeing New Girl pop up on my feed quite a bit, so I can't wait to hear your thoughts on it! Also yay for Sweet Evil Donna! I've read some really great reviews for it! Happy reading! :)

Angie F said...

Oooh, Sweet Evil and Hunting Lila! I want to read both of those so bad!

I didn't know the Fifty Shades books were that thick (I read them on Kindle)!!! Wow.

Here's Mine @ Pinkindle Reads & Reviews

sarabara081 said...

I still have not read The Iron Fey series! I've heard so many good things about them though! I got Sweet Evil this week too and can't wait to read! Enjoy!

You can see what I got this week here:

Mel S said...

Fify does seem to be taking over the world! I haven't read the Iron Fey books but after loving the wrting of The Immortal Rules I think I will check them out!

kimba88 said...

Sweet haul...i plan to read Sweet Evil this week and cannot wait. You can see my books and news on The
Sunday Post

Birgit Lehner said...

Uhm, I must be the only one who isn't tempted by the 50 shades books, BUT the more I read about "Sweet Evil" the more I want that one, hahaha!

Paige said...

I still need to get the Iron Daughter because I read the first book and I loved it. I also can't wait to read New Girl I've had a lot of good things about it. I hope you both enjoy everything. Here's my IMM!

~Paige @ Comfort Books

Petra @ Safari Poet said...

Nice hauls! Still haven't read The Iron King series, but have heard so many good things about it. Hope both of you enjoy all your new reads.

And thank you Donna for the kind comment on my Hiatus post a couple weeks ago :-)

Alba Solorzano said...

OMG! Donna!!! YEy for Rapture!! >.<
I'm behind on the reading of that series...I haven't read Passion :D
and O_O I NEED Sweet Evil!! Enjoy!!

JESS!! Okay...that's week I'll read Fifty Shades :D and we'll see how it goes from that :D
I've also read some M/M really good :D I'll check out the ones you've added to your shelves this week :D

Happy reading to both of you!
Feel free to check out the new books I got this week :D 

Jessica ( frellathon ) said...

So many great books. More than meets the ink sure grabbed my attention. 

Elodie RASO said...

Great hauks girls :) !!
I love the Iron Fey series .. I can't wait to know what you think of these books !! New Girl sounds pretty good !! 
@Jess I still have to read The Morganville Vampires series and I really look forward to do it !!
Happy reading girls !!

DonnasReviews said...

I just finished More Than Meets The Ink and it was frigging awesome! A MUST READ!!! =)

DonnasReviews said...

You should Misty, it was a great read and proves that JLA can write just about anything!

Mel @thedailyprophecy said...

I really like Donna's mailbox! :D Sweet Evil, hunting Lila, great! I still need to read Passion from Lauren Kate, but I can't wait to get my hands on Rapture :)

Happy reading both of you!

Becki @ TheFlutterbyRoom said...

It looks like you've both got some awesome books. I hope you enjoy reading them. So jealous that you've both got hold of NEW GIRL - it sounds really good.

Rebecca (Kindle Fever) said...

Awesome book hauls, ladies! Donna, I'm so jealous of you! I need to get the rest of the Iron Fey books myself--the series is just amazing! And I'm super curious about Hunting Lila and Sweet Evil myself.

And you're very welcome for the gift card! Congratulations again and I'm sure you'll spend it on something awesome (if you hadn't already ;)

Enjoy your new books, ladies!! :)

Christy @TheReaderBee said...

SO many great books! I can't wait for my copy of Sweet Evil to arrive. :)  I am super curious about the Fifty Shades book as well. :)

Enjoy all your new reads!

Carina Olsen said...

Ohh, lots of awesome books :D So many good ones. Enjoy them all ;) <3
Thank you for commenting on my mailbox. <3
Love, Carina @ Carina's Books

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