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A Review for Too Hot to Handle by Aleah Barley

Too Hot to HandlePosted by Donna
Release Date: May 15th, 2012
Finished Date: May 21st, 2012
Publishers: Indulgence - an Entangled Publishing Imprint
Source: For Review
Format: Kindle 
Pages: Unknown
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She was playing with fire...Honey Moore has made her pledge: no more stealing cars and no more lusting after Jack Ogden. 
But when an arsonist torches her house and chases her all over Los Angeles, she’s forced to throw herself on Jack’s mercy.
No one will look for a convicted felon in an LAPD detective’s apartment, right?…and he didn't want to get burned Jack doesn’t need a woman like Honey in his life. 
She might be sexy, but trouble follows her everywhere. But it’s hard to walk away from someone who lives at full throttle—and even harder to keep her safe. 
Now he’ll have to sacrifice everything to protect Honey from the arsonist determined to kill her.

Note: This book contains sexual content. Ideal for 18+
The Review: Too Hot to Handle was my first novel by author Aleah Barley, so I went into it not knowing what to expect, but I have to say to I’m really pleased because what I got was a great read. It’s a hot and steamy novel – one that has a fast paced and exciting storyline, with a love story that was very intense and I loved it.
Honey Moore is known as a criminal. She’s stolen expensive cars including a cop car and has been in jail, but after being released, she’s trying to build a new life for herself. The problem is, someone just burned down her house and is now trying to harm her. The only person she can turn to is Jack Odgen, an old high school sweetheart who happens to be a cop, and the person whose cop car she stole.
Honey and Jack’s relationship has always been complicated but at least she knows she can trust him, so of course, he’s more than willing to help her solve who’s behind the attack. But what they don’t realise is, it’s sure going to be a dangerous ride and Jack is going to have to sacrifice everything he loves in order to keep Honey save.
This book really was a fun, exciting and fast read and all the time I was reading it, I couldn’t help being reminded of the movies like “Gone in 60 Seconds” and “Two Fast in Furious” with all the car references – which I have to say, I really enjoyed.
Honey comes across as a tom-boy because she loves cars and well, she’s been in jail but she’s strong and definitely not a whiney character and deep down, she’s just like any girl – looking for the one guy that will treat her right. She really has found her match in Jack, even with all the obstacles that life throw at them, they really make a fantastic couple (even though they don’t always see it).
Now Jack, really? How do I describe him? Well, I’m going to leave it in the hand of Honey because she really says it all; "He was a double fudge sundae with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and cookie crumble. Beautiful. Rich. Bad for her." Need I say more? Jack really is amazing and is any girls dream. I love him!
Too Hot to Handle was definitely a hot read and if you’re looking for your next adult fix, then this is the book for you. I can’t wait to seeing what Aleah Barley comes up with next.
Note: Want a chance to get the know the author more? How about winning an eBook copy of this book too? If you do, then stop by on June 21st for an author interview and giveaway.


nat cleary said...

Sounds like a fast fun read!! Great review, its a new to me author too so I look forward to the interview.

Shane Morgan said...

This seems really entertaining. Thanks for the review!

ayana_sca04 said...

I'll get my hands on it asap! Thank you for the review Donna! :D

Carly @ Fiction Fascination said...

Great review, Donna :)  I think I need a hot and steamy read, I hadn't heard of this one before so thanks for putting it on my radar. I will definitely drop back for the interview :)

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