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{Review} Summer Crush by Sasha Hibbs, S.D. Wasley, Melissa Frost, Diana Stager, Deanna Dee, Bridie Hall

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Release Date: August 21st, 2015
Finished Date: November 13th, 2015
Publishers: Evernight Teen
Genre: YA, Contemporary
Source: For Review
Format: eBook
Pages: 227
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Summer Crush: A wonderfully romantic boxed set of Upper YA short stories by today's hottest authors.

Summer is the time for lazy days at the beach, sun-kissed hair, flip-flops, and sizzling nights with a new crush. Those stolen glances and first kisses can quickly spark a flame. However, the road to love isn’t always a smooth ride.

Every Summer has a story, whether it’s a second chance on love, seeing a friend in a different light, or taking a step in a new direction with someone special. Love and long days create endless possibilities, but can a summer crush really last?

Sutton Summer by Sasha Hibbs:

After breaking Dylan's heart last year, McKenzie returns to Sutton Lake for another summer. McKenzie realizes love was in front of her the entire time, but is it too late for Dylan to forgive her?

Exquisite Torture by S.D. Wasley:
16 year old Ryan thinks he's in for the summer from hell, stuck at his Gran's farm in a remote town ... until he meets the adorable Connie. But why is she so cagey about her past?

Forbidden by Melissa Frost:
The new guy in town has a bad reputation and a bad boy demeanor to go with it. Even so, Olivia can’t help feeling drawn to Gavin. Can she convince her mother he’s not the delinquent everyone believes, or will his past tear them apart?

Taking the Plunge by Diana Stager:
Overwhelmed and alone, Jessica is a teenage mother struggling to give her son the best possible life. Erik, a lifeguard at the local pool, never expected the girl of his dreams to have baby in tow. They have issues, but will it keep them from pursing the relationship, or are they willing to take the plunge?

Boarderline Love by Deanna Dee:
Nearly drowning wasn’t part of Dalya’s vacation plans. Neither was being rescued by a guy with a perfect six pack and a haunted look in his eyes. Mason reminds Dalya too much of her over-protective older brother, but when he offers to teach her to surf, she can’t say no. Can Dalya get past her frustration with her brother to realize how much Mason means to her?

An Ocean of Their Own by Bridie Hall:
Lola spends her days trawling the sand dunes in search of the perfect subject for her art. She finds it in a solitary, beautiful girl. Sarah doesn’t just fill the pages in her sketchbook, she enchants Lola’s heart too. But how can Lola tell her family about Sarah?

The Review: Summer Crush is a selection of short stories about teenage love & self-discovery set in the beautiful season of summer.
We get a little bit of everything here – Sasha Hibbs gives us some unrequited love that caused heartache for one teen only to have it switch around when Mckenzie has a change of heart only to discover that the boy who has crushed on her for years has moved on. She soon makes some realisations about herself when he turns the tables on her…. But will it be too late? I enjoyed this, I wasn’t thrilled about the little triangle that went on but the story wouldn’t have been possible without it. I liked the change it brought about in McKenzie and how she changed herself because of it. It definitely got my feelings going which for a short story is a really good thing.
S.D. Wasley gives us a little bit of spookiness in Exquisite Torture where a young man is forced to spend summer with his Gran, helping her around the farm. He is soon joined by the mysterious Connie who he is attracted to and spends all of his time with. Connie might have some hidden skeletons in her closet and Ryan really wants to uncover those. Again, this was a cool story giving us a bit of mystery with a paranormal feel to this romance. I enjoyed it because it was different, it delved into the towns history and tragic past and it also showed us that we can survive without our internet! Ryan and Connie were really sweet together and the ending was a great little twist.
Forbidden by Melissa Frost gives us forbidden love when a boy with the wrong kind of reputation and a girl whose family appearances are everything come together in a connection that defies the rules. Olivia is from a well to do family, Gavin is the new guy with a bad reputation. Olivia delves past the reputation to find the boy underneath and realises that no one knows the truth, they fall for each other big style but when her mother finds out…. She must give him up – will there ever be any hope for them? So, forbidden love… one of the best kinds to read about and this is a sweet story about that. I liked how Olivia pushed aside her preconceptions and got to know Gavin before forming an opinion of him, it’s very seldom that people are what their reputation states and it is always nice to see the true character. Their connection was natural and the relationship had the added excitement of being forbidden especially when we share stolen moments with them. I hate prejudice and thought the mother was wrong in her judgement, but I was satisfied by the end.
Taking the Plunge by Diana Stager gives us hopeful love where a teen mother is trying to make it on her own with her baby, she takes the baby to swim classes where she is looked down upon by the other mothers but the instructor takes a shine to her and goes all out to win her heart. I really liked this story, I myself was a teen mother and I know how judgemental people can be. I really felt for Jessica when she had to deal with snide comments and such, she felt worthless and had no body to turn to. When Erik started to pay her attention, she didn’t believe he could want her, she was a package deal – but he eventually worms his way in and gives her hope that she can have it all. With a couple of misunderstandings along the way, this story felt real and natural and I applauded Jessica for wanting to wait to take things to the next level.
Boarderline Love by Deanna Dee gives us some heroic love when a young girl nearly drowns and finds love with her rescuer. Dalya gets herself into a sticky situation whilst attempting to surf and is rescued by Mason. Dalya convinces Mason to give her surfing lessons and through these they form a connection, until her older brother interferes. Her brother is forced to re-evaluate his opinion of his sister when he sees her become the rescuer and realises that she can take care of herself more than he ever thought. I enjoyed this story, again it was a really sweet young love and what better way to start than to have someone rescue you? Mason has his own story that ties in to this one which does make you see his efforts in a different light. Dalya is headstrong and it’s clear she needed guidance in the right way and I’m glad her brother saw that she was growing up.
An Ocean of Their Own by Bridie Hall not only gives us romance but also a young lady on the brink of sexual discovery. Sarah was at the ocean with her family, staying there whilst her father was convalescing following a heart attack. She spent her days drawing and after seeing a girl sitting on a cliff, getting inspiration and drawing her…. They eventually meet. Lola is staying along the beach and looks for shells for jewellery making, she and Sarah begin to hang out and as their friendship grows…so does their feelings and they realise that all they need is each other. Sarah wants to tell her family but how can she when her dad is just making progress? I found this story just lovely, it was nice to read of two young womens’ sexuality being awakened and done so effortlessly. It was sweet, tentative and explorative and I was so happy to see that their love brought no bad feelings or prejudice. I enjoyed how both girls spoke of things clicking into place and suddenly realising what they wanted and sharing that passion together.
All in all Summer Crush was an excellent read, it brought some super sweet romantic moments that only young love can bring, given to us in varying scenarios that have that ‘feel good’ vibe to them. I read this all in one sitting and felt good doing it, with a big smile on my face and a good feeling in my heart.

Thank you to Everynight Teen & Sasha Hibbs for giving me the opportunity to review this book in exchange for an honest review. 

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