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{Review} Shadow of Temptation (Asylums for Magical Threats #2.5) by Jessie Donovan

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Release Date: May 26th, 2014
Finished Date: December 3rd, 2014
Publishers: Self Published
Genre: Adult, Paranormal Romance
Source: For Review
Format: eBook
Pages: Unknown
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An undercover agent about to crack…

Two years of living a double-life has taken a toll on Sabrina Ono, but if she plays her cards right, her assignment should be finished within the week. However, just as she starts planning her final moves, a man she once called friend shows up wanting revenge.

A man with an unusual power…

Jorge Salazar is a Shadow-Shifter. After being forced to work for a sociopath for nine months, he strikes a deal to escape, but there’s a price for his freedom—he must capture the leader of a Feiru terrorist group and turn him in. Unfortunately, the only person who can help him succeed is the woman who not only betrayed his biggest secret, but also broke his heart.

As the pair work against the clock to bring down the terrorist group and save another group of innocents from dying, an unexpected attraction builds. Will Sabrina and Jorge’s secrets be too much to overcome, or will their feelings be able to heal past wrongs?

The Review: Shadow of Temptation is yet another great read in the Asylums for Magical Threats series.
We met the characters in book two but Jorge definitely made an impact with his aloofness and his ability to shadow shift. He was brought onto DEFEND’s radar when they discovered a new nemesis known as ‘the Collector’ for whom Jorge was forced to work for. He would never have been in the clutches of the Collector had it not been for Sabrina Ono, the woman he was developing feelings for but who ultimately betrayed him because of his secret latent ability….. and now, they’re about to meet again. When Jorge is given the mission to capture the leader of the Feiru terrorist group, he needs information and fast, this leads him to re encounter Sabrina and it’s not a happy encounter. However what Jorge doesn’t know is that Sabrina isn’t actually a part of the terrorists but she is actually an undercover operative and he’s about to land her in hot water by blowing her cover and it becomes a race against time to stop the next atrocity, capture the bad guy but most of all – stay alive!
I really enjoyed this story and I thought it complimented the series really well. As I said, Jorge had made an impact and I had hoped we would get his story and this is what we got. He is a very relatable character, in fact both of them are when you find out their circumstances – both are in places they don’t want to be and doing things they don’t want to do but it’s either that or pay the consequences and both want their freedom. I like when a couple has history and that it has ended on bad terms and what could be worse than Sabrina turning Jorge in for his abilities? But, she couldn’t foresee what would happen to him as a result. They both have issues to work through in this before they can trust each other again but you could still feel the chemistry between them and I was routing for them to find a way to be together. There were a few sexual tension moments that were hot, I love the will they, wont they feel to it and it makes it that much sweeter when the inevitable happens.
I thought the storyline was good and a great way to reconnect the pair. There is a run and chase ‘feel’ to it as they are stalked by the enemy when Sabrina’s cover is blown. Jorge wants to protect his source of information in the beginning but that soon changes and Sabrina knows that it’s become a life or death situation. What the terrorist group has planned is shocking and again, makes you want them to succeed in their mission. Neena also pops up and I have to say, I think her character is awesome and would love her story someday, I love the omniscient feel to her character and think she definitely has a plan and plenty of tricks up her sleeve. There is plenty of action in the book as they are chased and also action in the relationship department but it’s not all about the drama and the sexytimes, they both have some deep issues to deal with and it becomes imperative that they do so. This also brings them into the DEFEND fold and hopefully into the main series as reoccurring characters because I would love to see these two in action again. 

4.5 flowers! 

Thank you to Jessie Donovan for giving me the opportunity to review this book in exchange for an honest review. 

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