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{Review} The Seer's Lover (The Seven Archangels #1) by Kat de Falla

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Release Date: February 24th, 2014
Finished Date: November 23rd, 2014
Publishers: The Wild Rose Press 
Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy 
Source: For Review
Format: eBook
Pages: 382
For years, Calise Rowe has been able to sense unusual energy from people, making her believe she is different. Pulled into an ancient war raging for centuries between demon hunters and seers, she's about to find out she's right.

Her search for the truth leads her to Lucas Rojas, a seer of angels and demons who walk the earth shrouded from normal human eyes. He's hidden his gift for years and refuses to endanger Calise by sharing it with her.

In the sultry Costa Rican Jungles, their worlds collide. As their passion and desire ignite, so does the ancient war between demons and seers. Will their combined efforts be enough to save themselves and the entire human world, or will their new found love be their downfall?

The Review: The Seer’s Lover was a good read in all and I liked the concept of the book but it didn’t quite hit the spot for me.
The characters were likable enough and easy to understand, obviously Calise is the main character and I empathised with her plight as she is thrust into the world of Angels, Demons & Seers. Calise has always been able to sense when evil or good is around her and she thought it was just a sixth sense until she exposes herself to a Demon by recognising him, a good man protects her and forfeits his life but with his dying breath, tells her to go to Mal Pais and look for Carmen who will give her the answers she seeks. Once there she meets Lucas who is a true Seer, meaning his blood is undiluted and he can not only sense good & evil, he can see them in their true form and is equipped with extra abilities with which to fight them – continuing his ancestors’ legacy. Lucas has always kept this side of him secret because his kind are hunted to near extinction and he and his aunt Carmen have done okay up to now but things are about to change.
Lucas tries to stay away from Calise, he feels an intense connection to her and she to him but he doesn’t want to take it further when she will be put in danger by those who hunt him and he passes the ‘gift of sight’ to anyone he sleeps with – which has had disastrous results before – so you can understand his hesitance but fate seems to have other ideas as they grow ever closer. I liked the love connection between Calise and Lucas but it was very much instalove like because they hadn’t spent much time together or had instances to be with each other but they ‘loved’ each other, it seemed a bit forced to me and I wanted the love to blossom properly so I was disappointed by it and really didn’t feel the love.
Unbeknownst to Lucas, he has been brought to the attention of one of the most evil families around and they know what he protects, so they’re on their way to start a war between good & evil and bringing someone from Calise’s past along for the ride. What ensues is a battle where the odds are stacked against the good guys and just when they think it’s over…. It’s not!
I did enjoy the idea behind this book and when the action was going on, it was great! I liked the good versus evil scenario and how the demons came to be on earth, what they did, how they tempted humans to sin and that they hid their true selves behind a glamour, they really are quite sinister in what they will do and you get some prime examples in the story so you can see just how depraved they are. Obviously we get the balance with an angel or two but it’s Lucas that seems to take on the hero role which did endear him to me a lot more, he has a great heritage to learn about and look back on, it’s a rich history and ties in perfectly with the good versus evil vibe. I thought what he could do was fitting, especially when we find out what he protects. I liked the connection the bad guys had to Calise and to be honest, I would have been more impressed if she had connected to that person because it would have been more interesting and they already had a history but I still liked the presence because everyone ended up tied into this triangle of enemies. This being the first book in the series, it opens the world up in impressive fashion and as I said, I did like the concept, it started of great and I was really interested but then my interest started to wane and by 70% I was bored – I don’t know why, it was well written and the content was good but I just lost interest and forced myself to read the rest of the book. I would probably read the sequel but I’m not in a hurry to do so. 

Thank you to Kat de Falla for giving me the opportunity to review this book in exchange for an honest review. 

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Awesome review, and OMG this cover is so creepy, lol :)

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