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{Blog Tour} SeaRISE by Sarah Holiding

23528346SeaRise (SeaRise Trilogy #3) 
by Sarah Holding
Release Date: November 27th, 2014
Publishers: Medina Publishing Ltd
Genre: Time Travel, Middle Grade
Pages: 273
In the thrilling final part of The SeaBEAN Trilogy, Alice and her five classmates are – for reasons they have yet to discover – abducted to 2118 in the C-Bean, their time-travel device, only to find the world is a difficult and alienating place.
How will they survive their terrifying ordeal? Who can help them figure out a way to get back to their own time? Will they escape before their captor Commander Hadron catches up with them? Who is he anyway and what’s his connection to the mysterious Dr Foster?
Unsettled by the devastation they find everywhere in the future and armed with new knowledge about the C-Bean’s ultimate purpose, Alice and Co scour the planet, confronting many challenges in pursuit of answers to their questions. But can they figure out a way to restore the Earth’s delicate ecological balance for good?

Exclusive: Mystery blog post from the future about something called a ‘C-Bean’

As the host of this Book Passion for Life blog, I follow a lot of other blogs about all kinds of weird and wonderful stories, but last week I came across the strangest blog post I’ve ever read, and I knew I had to share with you.

It is apparently written by an 11 year old girl called Alice who says she’s living on a small group of islands beyond the Outer Hebrides in Scotland called St Kilda, a place where supposedly no one is living – in fact I’ve since discovered that St Kilda’s been uninhabited since 1930. But that’s not the weirdest thing about this blog entry: it’s dated 6 December 2018, which at first I assumed was just a typo and that Alice simply uploaded it yesterday, but read on, because some of the things this blogger says will make you think otherwise.

6th December 2018
My name is Alice and I live on a really small island called St Kilda surrounded by wind, waves, weather and the rest of the world.

Just under a year ago I started writing a blog about my life here, and that was the first sentence I ever wrote. Things have changed a lot since then: I’ve seen things in the last few months that most people would never believe, but for some reason even my best friend Charlie, who was with me when they happened, can’t remember any of it any more!

It’s been very confusing and upsetting to find I’m the only person left with any memory of the C-Bean, and that makes it really hard because now I can’t even talk to anyone about it. Basically, I’m not the same person I was on 1st January 2018 when I started writing my blog. So this will be my last blog entry. I’m going to try and backdate it before I publish it, and hope and pray that although I’m writing this now in 2018, my final post will appear on the internet four years earlier in December 2014. I will know tomorrow if it’s worked when I log onto my blogsite and see that someone from 2014 has left a comment.

There are just 6 children in my school and my mum, AKA Mrs Robertson, is our teacher. We moved here five years ago with my family because my dad works for a wave energy company called Evaw, and they’d won a contract to set up a wave energy project to generate electricity for Scotland. Now that my brother Kit has been born, there are exactly 100 people living here.

21500460We had a different teacher called Dr Foster while my mum took time off work to be with Kit. Dr Foster was a bit strange (and now I know why!), but not nearly as strange the other new arrival that happened on my birthday. I thought it was a present to me at first – it was a strange black cube dumped on the beach. I couldn’t work out how to get inside it, and I had no idea what it was. There was also something very odd about it – it changed colour when I touched it, it had no shadow even though the sun was shining, I could lift it up even though it was much bigger than me, and when I put it back on the sand again, it made a sighing noise, as if it was a living, breathing thing. At that stage, I had no idea I’d be the one that could control it and make it take us places.

I still feel sad for the others. I mean, if you’d been all around the world in a C-Bean and could pop up in places as amazing as New York, Hong Kong and the Amazon rainforest, you’d want to remember it, right? But no matter how many times I’ve asked Edie and Charlie, they have no idea what I’m talking about. When I tell them we even went backwards and forwards in time, they just stare at me like they think I’m crazy. They don't even remember that we brought back a stray dog and an injured parrot along the way. When I asked the two Sams if they remember seeing monkeys and finding a gold nugget, they just shrug and ask which computer game I’m talking about. And Hannah has no recollection of being imprisoned inside the C-Bean the night we got taken to 2118, even though it was probably the most scary experience of her whole life.

I reckon if Karla or James were here, or if my brother Kit was a grown up now instead of a baby, one of them would remember something about the C-Bean. After all, they did all play an important part in its existence. I suppose I’ll eventually get used to the idea that I’ve got nothing to show for all the adventures I’ve had, and just be happy that the reason the C-Bean doesn't exist any more is mostly a good thing, I’d still love to step inside it one more time though, and see the walls just melt away when I put in the coordinates and we arrive somewhere new…

I think my new year’s resolution for 2019 will be to record everything that happened in as much detail as I can remember, but I’m not ready yet. So to anyone reading this in 2014, when I was only seven years old, if you’ve met someone else who’s heard of a C-Bean, or has maybe been in one, please leave a comment below. Thanks for reading.

Alice Robertson

St Kilda, Scotland. 

About the Author: Sarah is a full-time children’s author, juggling writing with looking after a family of three children. They live in Surrey in a funny old house with a leaning tower. When she’s not writing she’s singing, and when she’s not singing she’s playing sax in her jazz band. She says she knew there would always come a time when the abandoned island of St Kilda would feature somewhere in her life, little thinking it would be the setting for her first children’s book.

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