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{Review} Little White Lies by Katie Dale

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Release Date: August 13th, 2013
Finished Date: December 3rd, 2014
Publishers: Simon and Schuster UK
Genre: YA, Thriller, Romance
Source: For Review
Format: Paperback
Pages: 384
The first time Lou meets tall, dark, and handsome Christian, she knows he's hiding something. Why does he clam up every time she asks about his past? Why doesn't he have any family photos and why does he dye his blond hair black? 

Then suddenly his terrible secret is unveiled to the world - and it seems everything he's ever told Lou is a lie. Can what the media are saying about him really be true? Should Lou trust him? Or is she in terrible danger? But Christian isn't the only one keeping secrets. For what if their chance meeting was no accident at all ...? 

As lie follows lie, nothing is as it seems, and soon Lou finds herself ensnared in a web of deceit, her loyalties torn, her emotions in tatters as she faces a heart-wrenching dilemma: should she shatter the lives of those she holds dearest, or betray the guy who, against all odds, she's fallen in love with? 
Full of family secrets, surprising twists and unexpected revelations, Katie Dale's second novel will have readers on the edge of their seats.

The Review: I had two of Katie Dale’s books sitting one my shelf waiting to be read and I honestly didn’t know which on to start. As you can see White Little Lies won over Someone Else’s Life but I’m wondering if that was a good choice because White Little Lies didn’t wow me as much as I was hoping for. 

The story follows a teenage girl called Lou, who has just started at a new school in order to escape something that happened in her past. Lou is hiding secrets from all the people around her and she’s happy to continue doing so. It’s not until she meets Christian, whom she is determined to get to know, that we see that Christian is hiding something too. As Christian and Lou start to spend more time together, it’s clear that their secrets are somehow tied to one another but, can Lou really trust him? 

I enjoyed White Little Lies, I did. It had an interesting plot that was surrounded by so many different secrets that it was difficult to unravel the lies that were being told. It was hard to work out whom to trust through-out the story. I think Katie Dale did a good job with that because it wasn’t easy to work out the truth. I just found the story too long to hold my complete attention. During the story there were moments that really weren’t significance and it was then that I easily could have put the book down and read something else. 

The story has an interesting set of characters but some I didn’t really connect to and the main person being Lou. That’s a big issue for me seems as the story is told by her point of view. I couldn’t sympathize with the lies that Lou told, I couldn’t understand half of them and it’s not until the end of the story that we truly see how many lies she’s told or even the things that she’s done (which I won’t say any more about). I just didn’t like her all that much. 

As much as I wanted to like Lou, I liked Christian more. He’s the only one from the story that I sympathized with and was rooting for.  I felt like he got the short end of the stick through-out most of the story. He’s the reason I kept reading and I did want to see if he and Lou got a happy ending even though I didn’t like her all that much. 

In all, this may not have been a favourite read for me this year but it’s one I’m glad I’ve read. I know many people will enjoy it – so go read it and see for yourselves – but for me, it was a little underwhelming. 

Thank you to Simon & Schuster for giving me the opportunity to review this book, in exchange for an honest review. 

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