Saturday 10 May 2014

My Life in Baking #1: Lemon & Blueberry Cupcakes

Most of you know how much I enjoy baking, at one point I hoped to turn it into a business but I later decided that I preferred to bake just for fun. So that's why I've decided every time I bake, I'm going to blog about it and show you guys my progress. 
It might not be every week, possibly even once a week or even every two weeks, it's just whenever I feel like baking.  And I hope you enjoy my journey! 

And today's pick is; a lemon cupcake baked with fresh blueberries, topped with a lemon cream cheese buttercream. 

1) Pre-heat oven on gas mark 2 or 3

2) Place butter and caster sugar in a bowl and cream together until the mixture turns fluffy and light

3) Add in the flour and eggs and mix all together

4) Stir in the lemon paste and fresh blueberries using a spoon

5) Use a spoon or ice-cream scoop and place an even amount of mixture into your cases. Push in a few blueberries into the top of the cakes too. 

6) Bake on a low gas. I use 2 or 3 and bake until the cakes turn a golden brown - usually around 15/20 minutes

7) Take out of the oven and place on a cake rack to cool.

8) While your waiting for the cakes to cool down. Make the lemon cheese butter cream.

9) Mix the unsalted butter in a bowl until the butter is light and fluffy

10) Add in half the icing sugar and mix together, repeat until all the icing and butter have all been mixed together.

11) Add the cream cheese and mix, then add the tsp of lemon extract and also a tiny bit of yellow food colouring paste

12) Beat all together until your buttercream is very fluffy and light

13) Only decorate your cakes ONCE the cakes have cooled down. Then decorate as you wish and place some blueberries on top for decoration.
Perfect to eat in the nice weather with a nice book to read! 


Chrizette said...

Oh my goodness - yum! I am a terrible baker but love to try anyway even though it is more often than not, a failure. lol A popular store (more upscale than others) nearby makes red velvet cupcakes that I am not afraid to spend a fortune on :)

Melanie Hall said...

This post is fab! Love the step by step pics too and the end product looks delicious =D

DonnasReviews said...

Thank you! I have never made red velvet cupcakes...maybe I should? lol

DonnasReviews said...

Thank you lovely! It's a shame I can't send cupcakes in the post to you =)

Natalie Cleary said...

As always Donna, they look fantastic!!! This is an awesome idea and I look forward to getting recipes from you :)

Jasprit said...

This is such a great post Donna, I hardly ever get time to bake, but I really can't wait to give some of the recipes you're going to be sharing with us a go! These looks absolutely delicious!

Librarian Lavender said...

Those cupcakes are looking so cute! I love to read while having a cupcake, there's nothing better right?

DonnasReviews said...

Thanks Nat! I'm itching to try something new now too =)

DonnasReviews said...

I would love to see some pictures if you do decide to make some hun x

DonnasReviews said...

Yep! Totally the best feeling ever =)

Book Angel Emma said...

Wow your pics are amazing. I have a weakness for all things lemon - these look as if they would hit the spot ;)

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