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Blog Tour for The Playlist of a Broken Heart by Cathy Hopkins; Review

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Release Date: May 8th, 2014
Finished Date: April 22nd, 2014
Publishers: Simon and Schuster UK
Genre: YA, Contemporary, Romance 
Source: For Review
Format: Paperback
Pages: 256
When Paige finds an old mix CD in a local charity shop, she can't help but wonder about the boy who made it and the girl he was thinking of when he chose the songs. The tracks tell the story of a boy looking for his perfect girl, a girl to understand him, a story of being alone, being let down, misunderstood and not knowing where to turn. 
Following the clues of the music, Paige sets out to find the mysterious boy, going from gig to gig and band to band, hoping to track him down. But will who she finds at the end of the trail, be the boy she's imagined?
Another perfect girly read from Queen of Teen nominee Cathy Hopkins!

The Review:  The Playlist for a Broken Heart follows the life of 15-year-old Paige. Paige has it all, a big house, a loving family, she just got the lead in her school’s play with the hottest guy and she has a great best friend, well, that is until she find out her father lost all their money in the stocks and now they are having to move to bath to live with her aunt because her family can no longer afford the life they live.

Upset about moving, it takes Paige a while to settle in and it’s only when she finds a mixed tap in a charity shop does she finally have something to focus on – she wants to find the boy who made it, because she thinks he can understand her like no-one else. Can Paige find the boy or is it a lost cause?

Kathy Hopkins writes a relatable story with The Playlist for a Broken Heart. It’s relatable in the sense that many children go through what Paige does – up and moving to a different City, leaving everything behind she was familiar with. I though Kathy wrote Paige’s emotions just right, especially for her a 15-year-old-girl. Paige is likable character – one that continues to grow throughout the story, and I was glad when she found the mixed tap so she could finally focus on something that surrounded her life in Bath. Her journey for finding the boy who made the mix tap wasn’t an easy one. At one point I honestly thought she might be disappointed with who the boy was because there were a few guys in her life that while I liked them as friends, I didn’t think they suited Paige as a boyfriend. As a reader, it wasn’t actually that easy to figure out who this mystery boy was. You go back and forth thinking “is it him or him” and it’s entertaining to find out the truth.

The story doesn’t just only focus on Paige’s mission to find the boy, it’s also about her family getting a second chance and I was glad that even in the dark times, her family remained strong and could come out with a second chance and the chance to start over.

In all, The Playlist to a Broken Heart is an entertaining and lovable story – one that any teenager could relate too and is a good read for older YA fans who want a light and fluffy story.  
Cathy HopkinsAUTHOR BIO

Cathy Hopkins’ worldwide sales are over four million. She started writing in 1986, turning to teen fiction in 2000. She is the author of more than 60 titles, with five children’s series in print: Million Dollar Mates; Mates, Dates; Zodiac Girls; Truth, Dare, Kiss or Promise and Cinnamon Girl, with editions in 34 languages. 

She lives in Bath with her husband and three cats. You can follow Cathy on Twitter @cathyhopkins1, or visit her website at

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