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Blog Tour for Falling Stars (A Surah Stormsong Novel #2) by H.D Gordon; Review + Author Interview

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Release Date: September 15th, 2013
Finished Date: August 19th, 2013
Publishers: Self - Published
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Format: Kindle 
Pages: Unknown
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Surah Stormsong’s life has fallen down around her in the past week. Her father is in a coma induced by demon poison, two Highborn Sorceresses have been murdered, and a crazed Sorcerer by the name of Black Heart has made it his mission to take the kingdom for his own. As princess, and next in line to the throne, Surah is his primary target. But he’s not the only one she has to look out for. 
Now, Surah is on the run, having just helped Charlie Redmine escape from the castle dungeons. This makes her a traitor in the eyes of many, as Charlie is not only a common man suspected of murder and treason, but also Black Heart’s younger brother.
The stars are crossed against the two lovers, the universe trying to keep them apart. In the end, will the stars align for Surah and Charlie, or will they fall from the heavens, dead and lifeless, like the tears of angels?

The Review: 4.5 Flowers! 

Falling Stars is the awesome follow up to Shooting Stars (book 1) in the Surah Stormstrong series by the equally awesome H.D. Gordon.

We pick up straight from where we left off with Surah & Charlie having teleported out of the dungeons of the castle and far away from Theodine Grey, who has witnessed the depth of their relationship and has revenge in mind so plots to not only win Surah over and make her his but to put Charlie Redmine in his place permanently. Elsewhere, Black Heart is plotting too and his plotting is quite the opposite, he wants his brother at his side and Surah Stormstong out of their lives once and for all which will only help his plans for the uprising. Suddenly… the magic is gone! And with the King in a coma and Princess Surah ‘m I a’… Theodine Grey thinks that now is the time to begin his plot… only he isn’t the only one with an agenda as the vultures circle and power hungry people emerge with murderous intent. Surah finds herself in a helpless situation because she needs to save her father, needs to save Charlie, needs to save her people…. but who will save her when she’s branded a traitor? When everything she holds dear is ripped away from her and people she thought she could trust turn into the biggest betrayers of all.

This was just amazing! I love Heather’s works, seriously, she is sooooo good at pulling you into her worlds a wowing the sh*t out of you. I loved the progression of everything in this.. we get character progression aplenty as Surah & Charlie’s relationship deepens showing a softer side to her, getting a glimpse of the person underneath the walls she has built and Charlie baring most of his soul to her, willing to risk everything for a little sip of happiness with Surah – so sweet, I was left hanging for those moments. I loved that we got to know Charlie a lot more in this as he attempts to show Surah what type of man she is getting involved with and it’s a shocker, I would have never thought him capable of what he confesses but at the same time Surah shows him just how capable she is and they seem to fit together perfectly like they are two of the same people but from different places. They aren’t the only ones revealing more of themselves either but I will let you find that out.

The storyline is certainly picking up as players are set into place and plots & schemes start to become apparent and very focussed on our lovers. Danger seems to follow Surah & Charlie at every turn whether they are facing an army of fae, a whole city of angry people or individuals who would mean them harm – they will face it….together.. as they should always be. We begin to get the bigger picture throughout this, as I said the players are placed and whilst they all have one common goal, the way they would get there is different and that is where the danger becomes even more apparent and well, lethal. It was very revealing in more ways than that though because we get a lot of Charlie’s background and see what had set Michael (Black Heart) on his path of destruction and we will find out just how far he will go to strip the Highborns of their power, we also get a little insight into Theodine Grey too. The action is great, I like to see Surah in action, it reminds me that she isn’t this soft spoken princess that people have on a pedestal and also of the woman who challenged the ‘sun warrior’, she was really justified as she dished out her punishments in this but leaves me a little afraid for some people holding secrets from her, which some are – bigstyle! I appreciated the different povs, I love to get into everyones mind-sets and this is good for that and to keep us up to date on events elsewhere too. I especially love the chapters with Samson, I really love that animal with his faith, loyalty & love for Surah.. I wonder what would happen if he were to become human? What would his intentions be to Surah considering the depth of his love? In the end I was left feeling a little bittersweet, but hopeful and with lots more questions that are begging to be answered.

 All in all, this book was awesome, filled with lots of action, plotting & scheming, secrets & lies, revelations and a nice big chunk of romance that sweetens the heart….. but also making my heart pound with every page. Seriously cannot wait for the next book. 4.5*s
Author Interview with H.D Gordon

•          Tell us how you came up with the idea behind this series?
H.D. Gordon I’ve always loved a good star-crossed lovers story, and because I love fantasy and paranormal as well, having the characters be non-human was sort of a given for this one. I like to force my characters into bad situations, and see how resourceful they are at getting out of them, how their decisions change them, what drives their actions. Surah and Charlie came to me first, just as Alexa came to me when I first wrote Blood Warrior. It’s usually that way with me. I get a character or characters, a single scene (usually the opening scene) and let the characters take it from there. Then comes the story ideas. The characters lead me to them.

•          Why did you choose this topic? The magic that can be amplified with stones?
I’m not sure how to answer that. I don’t necessarily choose anything. I do, however, try to live the scenes in my books as much as I can. I literally close my eyes and try to put myself there. Like watching a movie…only it’s not just watching, it’s also playing ALL the roles. The stones were just something that happened. Kind of like Surah and Charlie were something that just happened.

•          What was your biggest challenge in creating this series?
The pressure of living up to the last series. (sheepishly smiling now, but also being honest) I know Alexa and her crew were quite popular, and I never want to disappoint my readers. However, I also have no desire to tell the same story over and over, to create the same characters over and over, so I knew this series would be very different from Alexa’s. My hopes are that by the end of Surah’s tales, the readers will love her and her story just as much as Alexa’s, if for totally different reasons. While I can’t promise you will love everything I write, I can promise you will always get something different, something new. But all the stories I write are also connected in some way or another, and if you pay close enough attention, you just might see the world in which I write from a grander viewpoint. Give me ten years, you’ll see what I mean.

•          How long did it take you to write?
A month to a month and a half is my usual production time for a book. I’m a minimalist writer, and I prefer to get it all out as soon as possible. I treat the prose like poetry, or attempt to, at least, so that hopefully the words fall right on the page. They mean very much to me, those words.

•          How many books will be in the series?
Three, I think. But then again, Alexa was supposed to be three, and ended up being four. I never know until I get there. But I can tell you the third book is titled Crossing Stars, and either way, Surah’s tales will be completed by the end of 2014. More than likely sooner.

•          When you introduced Surah in the final Alexa Montgomery book, was it because you already had her series in the works and were introducing her to us or was she a character who was introduced and you thought she would make a good leading lady and therefore wrote a series for her?
I’d been bouncing back and forth about a spinoff, but had no real ideas for it. Then, while writing Alexa, Surah just showed up, and I was taken with her. I try my best not to make too many plots or plans, and rather just write what wants to be written. It helps me to stay true to my craft. I write for money, but I don’t write for money. Ya dig? I don’t consider what is selling, or what others are writing. Sometimes this works heavily to my disadvantage, but I figure at some point my true readers will feel comfortable picking up anything I write, knowing that whether they are interested in the genre or not, they will be getting a good story. This is the best I have to offer.

•          Are Surah & Charlie fated?
Mmm, that’s quite the philosophical question, ain’t it? You probably don’t want to get me started, just ask my former philosophy professors from college. Short answer, yes. Are not we all? Einstein believed that time was not linear, that the past and present and future all run parallel, but he also believed that the present could not just affect the future, but alter the past as well. I’m losing you, huh? I’ll stop. I’m losing my damn self.  Charlie and Surah have a definite outcome. I think I know it. But I could always be wrong. Either way, it is definite.

•          Will we find out even more about Charlie’s background?
Oh, yes! This book will really open up all the characters, especially Charlie. He’s so open to me now that I think I love him more than I ever loved Kayden. Gasp, right? I fuckin’ loved Kayden. Charlie’s history is rich, so is Surah’s, as they would have to be seeing as how both characters have lived for so long. In Falling Stars we learn a lot about both of them. 

•          Who would you have play Surah & Charlie, Theo & Michael in a movie based on the book?
I can never answer this question when asked. To me they are unique souls, so it’s like asking someone who would play them in a movie. They’d be like, uh, I’d play me, of course. So I don’t know. I’m sure someone out there could do them justice, but they just are who they are, only existing in the imagination. 

•          Who is your favourite character and why?
Samson, probably. I’ve got a thing for beasts. They seem to be more honest than people. Truth, to me, makes for good stories.

•          I absolutely love Samson! How did you come up with him? Will we get more of his background? He seems to have a good story to tell and I’m curious to see if the way he adores Surah will affect the relationships he made with his own kind.
Thank you! I love that huge cat, too! Samson is in this book, of course, and plays a major role. The chapters from his perspective were among my favorites to write. Book three is where we really dig into him more, though. This book is about tough choices mainly for Surah. Book three is where Samson, and many others, will have to seal their fates.

•          What’s next for Surah? Seems like she has some huge decisions to make.
Absolutely, she does. Well, what can I say? She will either get her HEA, or she won’t. I like to think the good thing about me as an author is that you never know what the heck I will do. I guess we’ll just have to find out.

•          Is book 3 ready? Can you give us a release idea?
Not yet. But it will be ready in a timely fashion. As a reader, I hate waiting for the next book, so I promise you won’t be waiting long.

•          Can you give us a teaser for book 3?
I love you for asking this question! Sadly, I can’t. It’s bad luck. Also, your guess about book 3 is as good as mine. I won’t know shit about it until I sit down and put it to the page.

•          Do you have any other books that you’re working on that you could tell us about?
Yes, I surely do! I am finishing up my eighth book right now, which is a horror book, and certainly my best work to date. However, this book won’t be self-published. I’m going to try to find a house for it. I’ve told close to no one the details of this book, but you’ll get a chance eventually. You have my word. 
My next project after the horror novel is a sequel to Joe, my paranormal thriller. I’m jumping out of my skin to revisit her. Despite being the least widely read of my titles, she’s my proudest child to date. Sales or no, I am compelled to carry on with her.
Then, of course, will be the (probably) final book in the Surah series. It should be out by very early 2014. 
And the list goes on…

•          I saw a little something about the return of Alexa & Kayden…. Care to elaborate?
You saw that, huh? Well, yes, that’s right. If you continue to read my works, you will eventually see those two again. You will eventually see everyone again. After Surah, I will do another series set in different parts of the same world. Then another. And another. Each will have new characters, new issues, new creatures…Until inevitably this world reaches a huge breaking point, and all of the heroes you’ve met will have to come together to set things to rights. Kind of like Avengers, I guess. All separate stories that make pieces of a much bigger whole. That final series should be pretty epic, as you will know Surah, Alexa, Kayden, Charlie, and all the rest that have yet to come. It will be quite a grand scope, I should think.

•          Will we ever read of Nelly again, I feel she was left in a sorry state at the end of ‘Redemption’ and would love to see her get a HEA?
Nelly is a hero too. Her story has not ended. None of their stories have. Really, it’s just the beginning. You’ll see what I mean.

•          What book have you read lately that blew you away?
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain! Oh my sweet Gods! I was humbled, blown away. I’d picked it up as a child, and couldn’t really appreciate it. It is not a book for children, despite what they’d have you believe. I’ve never seen such perfection on the page. I thought to myself, this is what you should be doing, this is how you do it. I’m in the process of writing two short stories that I’d like to have the same feel. Completely different from Huck Finn, but with that kind of…truth. If I can learn to capture the world the way Twain did, I will die a happy lady. Even if no one ever reads those stories but me. It took me back to my childhood, reminded me why I do this in the first place.

Thank you so much for having me! Your support throughout my journey has meant the world!

About this author:
H. D. Gordon is the author of The Alexa Montgomery Saga. Blood Warrior, the first book of the Alexa series was her debut novel and has held a spot in the top 100 fantasy bestsellers for over a month. Half Black Soul is the second book in this series and H. D. plans to complete Alexa's tales by the end of 2012. In June of 2012, Joe, a fantasy novel about a young clairvoyant, was released as well. H. D. is a lifelong reader and writer, a true lover of words. When she is not reading or writing she is raising her two daughters, playing a little guitar, and spending time with her family. She is twenty three years old and lives in the northeastern United States.

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Thanx for the awesome interview Heather, I'm extremely looking forward to the new Joe book (LOVED the first!) super excited about a horror book from you and I love what you're going to do with all of the series by bringing them all in together. I will definitely be keeping an eye on your updates :D

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