Friday 6 September 2013

A Review for Shadows Fall (Others of Edenton #1.5) by Brandy L. Rivers

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Release Date: August 15th, 2013
Finished Date: August 22nd, 2013
Publishers: Self - Published
Source: For Review
Format: eBook
Pages: Unknown
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18+ Adult Content

Amethyst Lakes is a nymph with a problem. She left her ex-boyfriend when he started to smother her. Nothing she says seems to keep him away.

Carl needs Amethyst more than he needs to breathe, but she just doesn’t get it. He’ll stop at nothing to make her stay.

An old friend and teenage crush will keep her safe until Amethyst can decide how to deal with Carl once and for all.

A pretty little nymph, crazy stalker ex, a cocky mage, and a whole lot of trouble.

The Review: This was an awesome short story as we join Amethyst at the beginning of a misguided plot to get her to submit to her ex-boyfriend & stalker Carl. The synopsis explains it clearly and we get to meet a couple of people we are already aware of and a couple of new people. This is the catalyst that will bring Amethyst to Edenton and hopefully into the arms of her own hottie. It’s nice to get a bit of background on a character whose book will be coming up in the series, it helps us to understand more about her and what she is & does and what happens when things go wrong because of what she is. It has also set up some possible relationships and enemies. I usually moan about shorts not being enough and not being able to connect to the characters but that is not a problem here, I definitely felt for our character and her predicament. I think I would view this as more of a teaser to the book than anything else but what a teaser it was and in the space of 30 pages we have an infatuated stalker, a threat that could have disastrous consequences, an ally in the form of a former crush, a mage with power on his mind, one scared nymph who is left with no other option than to use her powers to aid her exit and let’s not forget, there’s even room for a little sexy time , plus we get to see the authorities for the supernatural in action. It has definitely whet my appetite for more, I love this series and I will take anything it offers with glee. Can’t wait for the next book.

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