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Meet the Characters of Amaranth by Rachael Wade

An interview with Camille and Joel

Camille Hart, a local St. Martinville resident and LSU literature student recently had the opportunity to sit down with Joel, a fellow band mate and friend of Gavin Devereaux (a life-long resident of New Iberia and local musician) to interview him about their latest charity album collaboration. The interview will be featured in the music section of the upcoming issue of LSU’s publication, The Daily Reveille. The following are her observations and her account.

Joel’s in town from London to play with Gavin at Cafe Des Amis, so he agreed to meet me at my place for the interview. He strolled right into my house and popped on a Johnny Cash record, lit up a smoke and plopped his guitar over his lap. He seems relaxed in his skin, warm, and has all kinds of interesting tattoos. I could get used to having this guy around. His smile and easygoing attitude are infectious. I sit down next to him with my journal and coffee, feeling like I’m meeting with a long lost friend. I offer him some coffee—he declines—and start the interview.

How was it working with Gavin on this album? He’s a self-admitted recluse, but he seems in his element when it comes to music, pretty social in the local scene. How long have you two played together?

It was hell, princess. Gavin’s my mate and all, but he can be bossy when it comes to writing and recording our tunes. I gotta give it to him, though—he takes his music seriously. But don’t let his shy exterior fool you. He can be a slave driver when it comes to putting an album together. We’ve been playing together long before your time, hon. (winks, smiles) For ages, really...

The name’s Camille...

Sorry, hon. (takes another drag off his cigarette) Uptight much?

Excuse me? No, just...let’s get back to the interview...

Take it away, princess.

Camille. The name’s Camille. Anyway, so how did you and Gavin go about collaborating on the album? And how do you feel about the Duval Foundation and all the different charities he’s decided to donate the proceeds to? Did you have any say in that?

Yeah, I did. I chose a few charities to add to the foundation’s list, one in particular that helps fund and support worldwide literacy efforts, and another that helps homeless youth just outside of London. But he chose most of the organizations and I support his selection 100%. As for getting together to work on the album, Gavin and another friend of ours, Gabe, called me up and wanted to see if I’d be interested in playing guitar for a couple of tracks. I told them I was in and the album was done a few months later. I’m happy to be a part of it.

So, it sounds like you’re all good friends and had fun working on this together. You live in London, but will you be playing live with Gavin and Gabe here in Louisiana the night of the release party?
As it stands, you can count on me being here. It’s only a hop across the Atlantic, so I’m happy to make it and help out. Gavin and Gabe are like brothers to me, and I wouldn’t miss.

That’s a big hop. Well, I’m sure it means a lot to Gavin. I interviewed him the other day and he spoke so highly of you. He mentioned you love to read. Do you draw any musical inspiration from your favorite books?

Oh, he spoke highly of you too...think someone has a little crush on you, princess. (chuckles) Yeah, music and reading are a way of life for me. I studied literature, too, just like you. Speaking of...nice collection you have going over here (glances around at my living room bookshelves, stumbles off into thought). Mine would put yours to shame, though. If you’re ever in London, you’ll have to stop by my flat and see for yourself. (stands and walks to a shelf, starts grumbling under his breath about my British literature collection)

Uh—a crush? On me? Um...never I only have a few more questions for you...

Don’t you work at a bookstore?

Yes, I do...

Well, we need to make some additions to your collection, here. Come on. (grabs his leather jacket and pack of smokes and heads toward the door)

But what about the interview? It won’t take me long to finish my questions.

You look like you need a break from all of this school work. Come on, a few hours won’t kill ya. (slips on his shades and arches an eyebrow at me, holds the front door open) Besides, I think Gavin would love to meet up with us. He’s been talking about you nonstop since you interviewed him. (waggles his eyebrows, gives me a mischievous grin)

                                                      --END OF INTERVIEW--

Gave in and headed to the bookstore with him. Resumed the interview later that night back at my place. He insisted on cooking me dinner while I finished the questioning, complaining he never has anyone to cook for back in London. He wore my floral apron while he basted the chicken—that was a sight. He also offered me a free flight to London when I told him I couldn’t afford an airline ticket anytime soon. Will be taking him up on that.

Amaranth, Book One of The Resistance Trilogy is available now in e-book from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Available in print Sept. 30th. Read Camille’s interview with Gavin on September 30th here: Seeing Night Reviews.

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