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{Review} The Warrior Vampire (Last True Vampire #2) by Kate Baxter

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Release Date: December 1st, 2015
Finished Date: December 27th, 2015
Publishers: Headline
Genre: Adult, Paranormal, Romance
Source: For Review
Format: ARC
Pages: 384
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The vampire was built for sin, every inch of him tight and bulky with corded muscle. A killer, that much was apparent, and she couldn't help but wonder if his appetite for violence would rival his appetites for other...things.


Naya Morales is no ordinary mortal. Born with a shaman's power, she has devoted her life to tracking down stolen magic—and punishing those who take it. But one fateful night, she follows the alluring call of a sensual magic that is too glorious to be true—and finds herself face to face with a stunningly handsome thief who is too magnificent to resist...


From the moment he sees her, Ronan knows Naya is his mate. Driven by a deep, almost mystical connection, he aches for her body, hungers for her blood, and swears their souls are anchored together. Naya refuses to believe the words of a vampire—or risk the wrath of her tribe. But when she tries to make Ronan her prisoner, neither chains of silver nor fires of hell can help her escape the truth: she is the one who's been captured...

The Review: The Warrior Vampire is the second book in the Last True Vampire series and just as good as the first.
We have already met the leading man -Ronan- in book one when he made a sacrifice for his sire Marcus in which he entered a blood troth to the queen of the Dhampirs to be hers..... but when Ronan meets Naya, he knows straight away that she is his because his soul has been returned and only his true mate can do that. The thing is, Ronan is bleeding corrupted magic all over which brings him to the attention of Naya who hunts down those who steal magic and allow it to corrupt them...... but he also emits a tune that sings to her soul, a tune so perfect that it confuses her as to why this chaos surrounds him.
Naya didn't know that vampires still exist but takes him captive anyway- even if just to work out how he knows her name. Naya's home isn't like others too, they are a community with magic and Naya's is the rarest meaning that it must be kept pure... which leads to a forced engagement and one very territorial vampire who is not happy to hear that his mate is promised to someone else. That's not even the half of it because that stolen magic is just popping up all over the place and Naya's foes are getting harder to beat... just what is going on and why has so much evil come to town?
I really enjoyed this book, if you liked the first then you will definitely enjoy this. I liked Ronan in book one and thought it was selfless how he bound himself to the Dhampir queen to save his race – it showed what kind of man he was. Obviously that troth is going to become a problem here because he meets his mate and she is not a Dhampir but a Shaman who can hear magic, locate corrupt magic and take it away from the person by killing them. This will not be good news for Ronan especially when he finds himself tied to her bed by silver chains. This also signals the start of a bumpy relationship as they clash straight away with Ronan knowing that Naya is his mate and Naya refusing to accept it and bound to her duty to the community. It was a fun ride, lots of back and forth bickering, possessive caveman growliness but eventually some very satisfying sexytime.
The storyline was really good – Naya's community has seen an increase in stolen magic that turns the users into demons and she is the one to retrieve the magic but kills the person in the process. Naya wants to know where this is coming from because it is very unusual and seeing as how Ronan is tainted by the bad magic... she needs to find out how to extract it safely. There is a lot of things going on behind the scenes in this plot so don't expect any answers until the end but the getting there is the joy of a book plus when you add in that Ronan has some memory loss up until he meets Naya, he has a sister who is missing and the reason he is there in the first place and of course the other woman's claim on Ronan and also a man's claim on Naya...... you are in for some fun! Let's just say you will not be disappointed.

4.5 stars!  

Thank you to Headline Eternal for giving me the opportunity to review this book in exchange for an honest review. 

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