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{Blog Tour} Beautiful Liar by Tara Bond

23483088Posted by Donna
Release Date: May 7th, 2015
Finished Date: June 3rd, 2015
Publishers: The Hot Bed
Genre: NA, Contemporary, Romance
Source: For Review
Format: Manuscript 
Pages: 416
Buy: Amazon UK Amazon US 

Nina Baxter has her life all mapped out. She wants to work hard, take care of her younger sister and not end up like her drunk of a mother. Most of all, she plans to stay away from bad influences.

Alexander Noble doesn’t give a damn about anything or anyone. The heir to an unimaginable fortune, he’s never had to do a day’s work in his life, and devotes himself to pleasure and partying. 

When opposites attract…
From their very first meeting, Nina knows Alex is bad news, and vows to stay away from him. But as their paths continue to cross, she can’t help being drawn to him – especially when he makes no secret of his interest in her.

Can they resist the pull?
For the first time ever, Nina is on the brink of following her heart. But can she believe Alex when he tells her to trust him? Or is he just another beautiful liar?

The Review: I hadn't heard of this book before I was asked to take part in the blog tour. It's not often I get to read new adult, unless it's my own books so I jumped at the chance to read this. And I was quite surprised by it. 

At nineteen years old, Nina Baxter has more responsibilities than most people her age. Her mother is an alcoholic and so it's Nina's job to look after her fourteen year old sister and try to bring in as much money as possible to help keep their family afloat. However, her mother seems to be determined to ruin things because she can't control her drinking and it results in her sister being put in the foster system. Nina has no choice but to turn to the one person she hates and ask for work. 

Alexander Noble - party animal, womaniser and honestly doesn't care about anything. He'll inherit millions of money and therefore, doesn't lead a normal life which includes working. But when Alex meets Nina he knows she's nothing he wants in a women. But for some reason, Nina and Alex can't keep away from each other but will Nina be ever to trust Alex?

I really enjoyed Beautiful Liar. It was a very quick read and gave me just what I was looking for in a new adult read - interesting, exciting, steamy, mysterious, just a little bit gritty and hot. It's a story that keeps you on your toes but you can't predict the ending - will they get their act together or not? It was a nail-biting read at times and also sometimes, even though it has some small clichés, it was still pretty enjoyable.

I liked both Nina and Alex. They have two completely different backgrounds so it was enjoyable to see them come together and how they would fit into each others worlds. Nina was of course more likable than Alex. It took time for me to like him because he's such a douche to start with but he definitely grows on you as you read their story. 

In all, Beautiful Liar was a good read for me and I hope you all enjoy it just as much!

Thank you to The Hot Bed for giving me the opportunity to review this book in exchange for an honest review. 

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