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{Review} You Were Mine (Rosemary Beach #9) by Abbi Glines

24515539Posted by Donna
Release Date: December 2nd, 2014
Finished Date: January 24th, 2015
Publishers: Simon & Schuster
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Source: For Review
Format: Paperback
Pages: 304
From #1 "New York Times "bestselling author Abbi Glines comes a brand-new Rosemary Beach novel about Tripp Newark and his hidden romantic past with Bethy Lowry. 

In the eyes of the wealthy playboys who frequent Kerrington Country Club in Rosemary Beach, Tripp Newark is a hero. Under pressure from his parents to become a lawyer and lead a conservative, upper-class life, Tripp disappeared from town five years ago to travel the world, forfeiting the opportunity to inherit millions. Yet few know what he was really running from...

Bethy Lowry was unraveling long before her boyfriend drowned in a riptide trying to save her after she'd had one too many drinks--again. A trailer park kid working as a cart girl among the wealthy patrons of Kerrington Country Club, Bethy has always been impressionable. But five years ago, before she earned her reputation as a hard-drinking, easy girl, she had spent a single summer with Tripp Newark that changed her life forever...

The Review: I’ve been eagerly awaiting Bethy and Tripp’s book since we first discovered that the two had a past together. And it’s been a hard journey but I’m glad they finally got their story, so we can finally discover what happened all that time ago.

Tripp Newark has only ever loved one girl, the girl who captured his heart before left Rosemary Beach before his parents could force a life on him he didn’t want. The plan was always to come back for her and when he did, he found Bethy happily in love with his Cousin Jace. But after losing Jace after an accident, for the last two years he had to watch Bethy lost in grief when all he wants to do is help her. But the last thing Bethy wants is Tripp’s help.

Since Jace died Bethy has been going through the motions. She can’t help blame herself for Jace’s death because if she’d never been involved with Tripp, maybe Jace would still be alive. And now Tripp is back, Bethy will do anything to keep away from him but with Tripp trying to play a role in her life, her walls start to crack. But can she really forgive herself? 

I really, really loved Tripp and Bethy’s story and more so because it was all tied up in one book. Just one book! I know I’m surprised Abbi Glines didn’t make it a duo but sometimes it just isn’t needed and it definitely wasn’t needed in You Were Mine. I loved the way this whole book was set up, going back and forth from past to present. It was definitely needed because of the characters past relationship together and everything that has happened since. Abbi did a great job! It was full of suspense - which is just what I love about new adult stories. 

I definitely came to love Bethy more in this than from the previous stories. For me she comes across as a little misunderstood and getting her views on things was amazing. Although I do miss Jace and feel sorry for him as a character, I do believe that Bethy and Tripp belong together. It's clear from the start, it just took them a little longer to get to the point where their at now in You Were Mine. 

I can not wait to see what comes next - Mason? Oh yeah! I'm so ready for that. And I hear Nan's story is coming up soon too. I think that will be interesting. Either way, I can't wait for more Abbi Glines story especially since Sea Breeze series is over - I need my Abbi fix! 

In all, You Were Mine is a great addition to this lovable series! 

Thank you to Simon & Schuster for giving me the opportunity to review this book in exchange for an honest review. 


alessya said...

Love your review! I`m a huge fan of Abbi Glines :)

Anonymous said...

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