Thursday 22 January 2015

{Book Promo} Love & Other Lies by Madeline Ash

Love & Other Lies
by Madeline Ash 
Published by: E-Penguin
Publication date: January 20th, 2015
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
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Small town vet Abby Benson has fled to the country to put her shameful past behind her. She’s just beginning to find her feet again when handsome stranger, Rue Thorn, arrives in town and begins to stir things up. Rue is gorgeous, kind and thoughtful and the two share an instant attraction. But convinced he’ll despise her if he learns about her history, Abby reluctantly keeps him at arms length.

Determined to win Abby over, Rue tries to reshape himself as the sort of guy he thinks she might be interested in. And for a while it seems his act is working. But when he finds out that Abby has been lying to him, it isn’t long before everything start to unravel …

A moving story of trust, forgiveness and the power of love from the author of Uncovered by Love and The Playboy’s Dark Secret.

What Makes a Hero?
In Love & Other Lies, Rue is a good guy hero. He’s kind-hearted, thoughtful, and easy going. Unfortunately this is exactly the wrong kind of man for Abby. She’s a reformed compulsive liar, terrified of a relapse, and can’t bear the thought of dragging a decent man into her mess. She doesn’t consider that he’s exactly the right kind of man for her, because he can see she needs support and gives it without question.
Funny how the wrong man turns out to be her hero!

Now, on the topic of heroes…about a year ago, a friend of mine commented that romance heroes aren’t actually heroes. She believes it’s a misnomer – they’re hardly saving the world. This made me wonder what makes a romance hero heroic? Why are they called heroes at all? I can’t answer on behalf of all lovers of the romance genre – there are many types of romance hero – but there are certain qualities that all the heroes in my books possess to make them worthy of the title.

My heroes are:
Admirable. The hero needs to act in a way that others admire – including the heroine.
Courageous. They always find the courage to fight their demons – and to fight for the heroine’s love. 
Strong: My heroes are resilient, often having to endure internal conflict.
Kind: Even burdened by internal conflict, they never act inexcusably.
Combined, these qualities are all it takes, in my opinion!

What are the ideal traits of your perfect hero? 

Madeline AshAUTHOR BIO:
Madeline lives and writes in Melbourne. She is an author with Destiny Romance and Tule Publishing.

Online, she calls home, although she does have capricious blogging tendencies so might not always have fresh tea ready for visitors. That's not to say she doesn't welcome company.
She writes contemporary romance.

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