Tuesday 11 November 2014

{Review} Echoes of Scotland Street (On Dublin Street #5) by Samantha Young

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Release Date: October 7th, 2014
Finished Date: October 19th, 2014
Publishers: Pitakus
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary 
Source: Bought
Format: eBook
Pages: 336
From the bestselling author of On Dublin Street, 'Scotland's EL James' (Sunday Post) comes a seductive story of forgiving the past and making up for lost time....

Shannon MacLeod has always gone for the wrong type of man. After she drifted from one toxic relationship to the next, her last boyfriend gave her a wake-up call in the worst possible way. With her world shattered, she's sworn off men - especially those of the bad-boy variety.

Cole Walker is exactly the sort that Shannon wants to avoid - gorgeous, tattooed, charming, and cocky. But his rough exterior hides a good man - one who's determined to pull Shannon from her self-imposed solitude and win her heart.

As Shannon begins to open up, the passion between them ignites to blazing levels. But when her past comes back to haunt her, her fears may destroy the trust Cole has built between them - and tear them apart for good . . .

The Review: It was a given that I was going to read Echoes of Scotland Street. Why you ask? Because Samantha Young is a fantastic writer who continues to deliver steamy and sexy stories with fantastic characters and Echoes of Scotland Street is definitely that.

Shannon MacLeod always seems to fall for the wrong guy. If they’re not cheating on her, they’re stealing from her or even worse hitting her. And after the last guy, Shannon’s had enough. Determined to start fresh she heads to the one place she’s familiar with – Edinburgh and lands herself a job at InKarnate tattoo shop working the reception desk. It’s there she meets Cole Walker the sexy, confident and tattooed shop manager and she knows he’s nothing but trouble with a capital T. But looks can be deceiving and soon Shannon finds out that Cole isn’t who she first assumed and with Cole determined to have some sort of relationship with her, Shannon needs to get a handle on her past before it ruins her future.

Plain and simple, if I devour a book within 12 hours you know it’s a damn good book. Echoes of Scotland Street is utterly romantic and it’s impossible to not fall in love with Cole even more. Having been a huge fan of Cole’s ever since we first met him as a teenager in Down London Road, I’ve always craved for his story and I’m so glad that the author wrote the series the way she did because I got what I wanted….more Cole and Shannon was an extra bonus!

Shannon’s story is very realistic to any girl whose been hurt by men. Throughout the story we see Shannon struggling with her past and because of this, this puts a strain on her present day life. She doesn’t know who she can trust nor does she have anyone she can open up to. Her moving in with Rae – a work colleague really helps her. She starts to open up to people but its Cole that really gets her going. I loved the tension between the two. Cole’s a very open guy and I adore him for that. He’s very honest with Shannon and it simply makes Cole the perfect guy. He does come with some struggles of his own, but his past makes him the man he is today. He’s caring and sweet, charming and lovable and he wears his heart on his sleeve – he is what dreams are made of and the two of them together was simply fantastic!

Not only are Shannon and Cole amazing but what would this series would be without all of our other favourite and lovable secondary characters – nothing! The fact that we see them all with each book is amazing! And is anyone else excited that there’s more to come from this series? I was praying that Echoes of Scotland Street wasn’t going to be the end and yes, there’s more to come! Book six will feature Shannon’s brother Logan and he seems like a big softy too. I’m excited to see the new direction Samantha will take the remainder of the series. 

In all, I absolutely loved Echoes of Scotland Street and bravo to Samantha Young for delivering another fantastic read.


Shubba said...

I freaking loved this aswell!! Samantha Young can do no wrong in eyes lol.

Book Angel Emma said...

Fantastic review - I completely fell in love with Cole

Lucia @Reading Is My Breathing said...

Lovely review :) I am so behind with this series, need to catch up!

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