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A Review for Sealed with a Kiss (Diary of a Crush #3) by Sarra Manning

Sealed with a Kiss (Diary of a Crush, #3)
Posted by Donna
Release Date: May 30th, 2013
Finished Date: April 21st, 2013
Publishers: Atom
Source: For Review
Format: Paperback 
Pages:  288 
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The third in the much-loved Diary of a Crush trilogy from bestselling teen author Sarra Manning

Edie and Dylan have been dreaming about their road trip across America for ever. But nine weeks in a car together is going to be a huge test for them. They're crazy in love, but what if that's not enough?

Trailer parks, diners, motels and glitzy casinos are the backdrop for an adventure that threatens the whole future of their relationship. Will Edie and Dylan be able to go the distance?

The Review: "You're not my friend," I said slowly, glancing at Dylan's tense face. "I don't want you to be my friend either, I just want you to be the boy I love who loves me back."

The Diary of a Crush series has literally consumed my entire weekend! I started the first book; French Kiss, on Saturday night and by Monday morning, I'd finished the final book. Talk about an addictive series!

In the third and final book, Sarra Manning brings us more drama. Edie and Dylan are still together but her parents are causing some problems for her. Her mother doesn't approve of Dylan but now Edie's eighteen, she can do what ever she wants, even if that's a trip to America during the summer, with Dylan. So, that's what they do! Edie and Dylan hit the road and take in the sights of America but of course, trouble always seems to find them... will these two ever get their happy ending or are they doomed? 

Sealed with a Kiss brings so many more hard times for these lovable characters. Both Edie and Dylan are not without their problems and for teenagers, of course they make mistakes but that's what I love about them. Their such an entertaining couple to read about, even though there's been so many highs and lows to their relationship, I love them and I'm honestly sad to see them go, but it's definitely the right time to end their story. 

Staying true to the series, author Sarra Manning sends Edie and Dylan on another road trip and this time it's America. I really found it great when they started going on the road, it has laugh-out-loud moments and it had sad moments. I love the way their are so many mis-understanding between the characters but by the end, I was ready for their happy ever after. I would have loved a epilogue set in the future, however, it wasn't really needed. 

In all, Sealed with a Kiss was a great finale - even with all the drama and I'm even more eager now to read something else by this author. 

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