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A Review for The Vincent Boys by Abbi Glines

The Vincent Boys (The Vincent Boys, #1)
Posted by Jess
Release Date: December 18th, 2012
Finished Date: December 27th, 2012
Publishers: Hot Key Books
Source: For Review 
Format: Paperback
Pages: 208
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Beau Vincent is rude, bad, and dangerous to know. So why can't good girl Ashton Gray keep away from him? She already has the perfect boyfriend - her town's local Prince Charming, Sawyer Vincent. But Sawyer is away for the summer, and in the meantime Ashton is bored, and the heat between her and Beau is undeniable - as well as irresistible. Ashton is about to unleash her bad girl - but what will she do when Sawyer comes home? And how will Sawyer react when he returns to find his girlfriend in the arms of his best friend - and cousin?

The Vincent Boys is a sexy, exciting and enjoyable romp through one steamy Alabama summer.

The Review: "I was already headed to Hell, I might as well enjoy the ride." -Beau

You'll all just need to give me a moment to get my ovaries back together. That's right! I managed to read the Extended and Uncut version of the Vincent Boys, and my ovaries exploded over and over...I don't think I can have babies any more. Ha! That's pretty much the reaction I had whilst reading about Beau and Ashton together...doing naughty things behind Sawyers back. Tsk.

Bravo Abbi Glines! *claps*. I'm still coming to terms with how much I loved this book, and the fact that it was the uncensored version made it an even greater read!

The characters are awesome. I love Ashton, her strength and her humanity at feeling guilt over what her and Beau were doing, but for also re-thinking things at the same time. I don't condone cheating, and I don't believe Abbi Glines does either, but when you've been in love with your best friend for ages it's hard to let that go. So I don't blame Beau and Ash for getting hot and heavy in the back of his truck. *cough*, Abbi wrote so well, that you immediately feel sorry for Sawyer, he's a sweetheart in this book and probably didn't deserve that. My heart bled for him.

Abbi has a great way of story telling. I loved that it was set in the Deep South, it's a section of the States that fascinates me, all the small towns where people know your business, the awesome accents like 'y'all'. The plot of the story was so thought out, it has be gripped and in love from page one. I could not get enough of it! 

The Vincent Boys is sexy and exciting, full of hot Beau and his naughty self. Full of sexual tension, full of betrayal, full of love, full of sex, just heaps and heap of teenage angst. It's simply wonderful! Read it!

If you're looking for something hot and heavy pick up The Vincent Boys. Get a load of Beau and have your ovaries explode. You won't regret it. I promise you that.


Kristen Haskins said...

I have been struggling with reading this series for awhile and I honestly don't know why but I will definitely be going out and buying them now :) Thanks for the great review

Jasprit said...

Oh a brilliant review Jess, I really need to get to this book soon! So glad you thoroughly enjoyed this! :)

♥Rachel♥ said...

Yes, Jess!! I loved this book, so thrilled you did too. I still need to pick up the uncut version. Can't wait. Great review. :)

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