Thursday 2 February 2012

Day 4 of The Other Life Blog tour – Joshua’s diary

Joshua's Diary
1140 days since our other life ended

Tyler went missing today. He didn't come back from his stroll in the vineyard. Sometimes he takes longer than usual so we never worry when he isn't there for dinner. But it got later and later until there was only dark outside. And even though we're far from the city, darkness is the enemy. It brings out many dangerous and ugly things. Not just Weepers but memories and nightmares. And they are the worst. They can be uglier and deadlier than any predator, can tear at you until there's nothing left. Especially if you're Tyler.
Karen wanted me to take Larry or Geoffrey with me. I think she was worried what I’d find in the vineyard, and I don’t mean Weepers. She’s waiting for Tyler to go off the deep end – I can see it in her eyes when she watches him. But Larry would have slowed me down with his limp and Geoffrey’s analytical mind isn’t always the best company. I went alone and they didn’t stop me.

There was only blackness in the paths between the vines. I didn’t take our flashlight with me as the dark can be useful – it makes you focus on your other senses. I knew I wouldn’t find Tyler with my eyes. I heard him long before I saw him. It was a noise you wouldn’t expect a human to make, but I’d heard it before. Whimpers from somewhere deep inside the body where the darkest memories were buried. He crouched on the damp soil, back pressed against the vines, eyes shut tight, rocking back and forth. I sank down beside him without touching, without speaking, just being there, like I always do when he’s like that. The smell of overripe grapes hung over us as I listened to his whimpers going quiet, as I clutched my gun in my cold fingers, wishing I could shoot the moon. The moon with its crooked, crescent smile.
Day 5 of Joshua's Diary going up on Friday at Books 4 Teens:


Maja (The Nocturnal Library) said...

One of my trusted friends just finished this and loved it! I should probably move it up on my tbr.
Maja @ The Nocturnal Library

Giselle said...

Oh my god this sounds SO good! I love the idea of the plot and I've been seeing really awesome reviews lately!!

Sam (Realm of Fiction) said...

I really enjoyed this book! Joshua is a great character. :)

Rachel said...

I loved this book. So nice to get a little more of Joshua.

Thanks for hosting this post! :)

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