Monday 10 October 2016

{Feature Post} Bookworm Candles & Crafts

Today I have a very special feature post for you and I'm excited to share it with you. It's going to feature a newly opened UK bookish merchandise company. 

Who else like myself wants all the bookish merchandise from candles to bookmarks to well anything we can get our hands on? I know you all do! But being in the UK where a lot of the sellers are from another countries has its downside because shipping costs are so expensive, but I’ve recently discovered a new company who are UK based and that means us UK’ers can finally get more involved with the bookish merchandise.

And this company is: Bookworm Candles & Crafts which is a UK based store created by owner Danielle Robinson where she brings to life all your favourite bookish scents through handmade candles, melts, soaps, jewellery, badges and bookmarks.

Danielle kindly agreed to visit the blog today and tell you all about her amazing bookish products which she has for sale on her Etsy store. She’s also here today to show you her newest addition to her store and for all you Sarah J Maas fans, you might want to keep reading. And so I’m going to ask her a selection of questions that I hope you will all enjoy and give you the opportunity to get more familiar with her work and products so here we go.

Q1: Hi Danielle, thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. Firstly, can you tell us a little bit about what inspired you to start making handmade items for book lovers like ourselves? 
What inspired me to start this venture initially wasn't actually books, well I guess it was a little. I've worked in the perfumery industry for nearly 20 years and was doing a course in London and was traveling two hours so it gave me the chance to read, at the time I was re-reading Heir of Fire by Sarah J Maas for the hundredth time! I went into my course with my head full of the story and we had to smell over 200 raw fragrance ingredients and I smelt pine wood and thought so this is what Rowan would smell like! And it kind of went from there. I've always been artsy and did jewellery design at college. I also did a course on creating natural body products and soaps and an aromatherapy course, so combining all these elements and of course my book obsession bookworm candles and crafts was born. 

Q2: How long has your store been open? 
My store has only been opened since July this year so we are still very new. 

Q3: What’s your favourite product to make? 
Oh gosh I love making them all. I would probably say our soaps though. I love creating the bases and adding in all the things that make the soap beautiful like our Gryffindor soap. We have added in coconut and Argan oil and poppy seed so using our soaps are a pleasure. 

Q4: Can you recommend a first time customer an item to purchase?
I would recommend our candle tins. They are slightly cheaper so for a first time purchase they are great, and they are super cute too. 

Q5: Are there any benefits for customers who purchase homemade items rather than store bought items?
I think it's essential, but I may be a bit bias. My few is when you buy handmade you are buying something individual and you are supporting a small, possibly local, business too. Take our character candle jars, each piece is handmade from the painted lid and artwork to the charm and the crochet band and book button. All our scents are chosen by me and put together individually too.

Q6: Are all your products from your favourite books? 
Yes they are and I've got so many too, I love Sarah J Maas, Suzanne Collins, Cassandra Clare and of course JK Rowling just to mention a few. 

Q7: Do you take custom requests from customers? 
 Yes we are happy to take custom orders, obviously it would be our interpretation of character, location or event. 

Q8: Can you tell us about your newest addition to your store? 
Oh our newest product is fab and so much fun it's a selection of mini candles tins, like a pick a mix! Basically it's a choice between a individual tin, 3 tins and 6 tins in a certain book and you can pick and choose from characters, locations and events. So for instance, we have a selection in A Court of Mist and Fury and there are 18 scents you can choose from so, you can pick just 1 tin or 3 tins or 6 tins. Or you could be really daring and let us pick them for you and surprise you. 

Q9: Can you give us a clue to what other products might be coming our way soon? 
We have so much in the pipeline and I'm so excited, we have more characters coming from different books. We are also expending our body line with a few new products and our badges are growing all the time.

That's amazing! Thank you for stopping by today Danielle. And you guys aren't already won but I know you are, but still just take a peak at Danielle's Etsy store (link below). She had so many amazing products to offer and her new A Court of Mist and Fury tins start from as little as £3.00! So go and show your support to a this UK seller. 

💗Free Worldwide Shipping for the month of October when you spend over £35.00💗

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