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A Review for Deadly Pursuit (Southern California Violent Crimes Taskforce, #1) by Misty Evans

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Release Date: August 1st, 2013
Finished Date: August 6th, 2013
Publishers: Self - Published
Source: For Review
Format: Kindle 
Pages: Unknown 
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Her sting operation put a ruthless criminal in prison.

One year ago, rookie FBI agent Celina Davenport pulled off the ultimate undercover operation…she seduced Emilio Londano – the dangerous leader of the San Diego Mafia – and destroyed his illegal empire.

Now he’s escaped and looking for revenge.

When Londano escapes a maximum security prison and begins picking off Celina’s friends and coworkers, everyone she knows becomes a target. Including DEA agent Cooper Harris, the man who once broke her heart and is now assigned to be her bodyguard.

How far will they go to stop him?

Cooper and Celina must risk their careers – and their hearts –to turn the table on their pursuer. But will their past, with its forbidden passions and impulsive choices, put them directly in his crosshairs?

The Review: Deadly pursuit is a fast paced, exciting, action packed adventure and I really enjoyed it.

As the synopsis tells us – FBI agent Celina Davenport pulls off a feat no other could do, she found an ‘in’ with the Londano crime family, went under cover and seduced the mob boss – Emilio Londano - resulting in the collapse of his empire and his incarceration….. Only she didn’t expect him to escape, she didn’t expect he would go after the people in her life, she didn’t expect to become a target for a man with nothing to lose and a taste for revenge. It’s seems as though her only hope of surviving is through DEA agent Cooper Harris, a man she has been lusting after for a while but one who can’t &won’t give her what she needs. As they are pushed together in a game of cat and mouse, thrust into life threatening situations…. Will Coop’s walls come down, will he realise that he could have a future with Celina? If he can only help her survive.

So, I’m a fan of Misty Evans - having read both her Witches Anonymous & Kali Sweet books - so when she asked for reviewers of her new book I jumped at the chance, even knowing it had zero paranormal activity :O Anyway, I’m so glad I took the chance because this was an awesome read and had a plot that is definitely worth making into a movie. We get a strong, capable lead female character in Celina, who will not give in and refuses to be the victim in both love & war, she is the type of person that should inspire teenage girls, even for her work ethic alone. Cooper was a fine leading man, a good alpha male, driven, determined and again extremely capable and would make any woman swoon. When they were together, the chemistry was electric and I thought the romance brought some lightness and happiness to an otherwise serious plot. Speaking of the plot, it was great – Mafia bosses, undercover female agents sent in to take them down, unrequited love, murder, romance… that’s without the twists and turns that came with it too and let us not forget some much appreciated sexytime. It was fast paced and exciting and it did read like a movie, I could imagine seeing it on my TV and loving it! it would appeal to both men & women alike and the best thing is… it’s only the first book in the Southern California Violent Crimes Taskforce series so there’s lots more where this comes from and I’ll definitely be reading the sequel. 

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