Our Policies

Our Giveaway Policy.
1) All contests are open to those 13 years of age or older.
2) Prizes will be sent out directly upon the completion of the giveaway. As such, addresses will be required in the giveaway form. If all your information is not completed, we will automatically pick a new winner.
3) Winners will be announced on the blog and also be notified by email.
Winners prizes are usually ordered through Amazon or The Book Depository.
4) If either Amazon or The Book Depository are out of stock of the prize to be won when the winner is announced, the winner will be given the choice to pick a replacement book for the same value from the same websites.
5) We will not be held responsible for items lost or damaged in the post. We hold the right to disqualify any entry as we see fit. Not all giveaways will be open to everyone.
6) Prizes can take up to a max of 6 months to be delivered.
7) Please check what countries we are including in our giveaways before entering.

Our Review Policy.

Thanks so much for for taking the time to read our policies.

Why do we blog?
We blog because we love to read and the next best thing is getting our opinions of that book across in a review and in turn discussing it with fellow book lovers. We recommend books and get recommendations in return. We aren’t book critics, we aren’t looking for the next literary genius, what we are is just normal ladies who want to relax and escape in a book for a few hours and our reviews reflect the enjoyment & emotions that the book/author has given us. We can’t promise the reviews will be perfect but we can promise an honest review that is written from the heart.

Who will the reviews be written by?
Either Donna or Melanie.

Our Rating System:

Our Stats:
Book Passion for Life currently gets on average 400 page views per day
Total pages views of all time 1,816,455
Over 2068 followers
Book Passion for Life on Facebook has over 2500 followers
Book Passion for Life on Twitter has over 2386 followers
The top 5 countries traffic is US, UK, GER, CAN & AUS

Types of novels accepted?
Our favourite genres are Young Adult, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Fantasy Romance, Contemporary Fiction & Chick Lit. We do like some Horror and Sci-fi also. We will consider most books but these are our preferred genres and while we will consider others we can’t guarantee to accept them. We also don’t discriminate between publishing houses and self-published titles, we’re equal opportunities kind of readers.

What format of books do we accept?
We accept most formats but we do give precedence to hard copies over e-books, but if in any doubt please don’t hesitate to contact us.Whilst we try to respond to ALL requests sometimes it isn’t always possible and if we haven’t responded in timely manner then the chances are the book didn’t meet our request criteria and that we are not interested in reviewing that title. If you don’t hear back from us in 72 hours, it is fair to assume that we are not interested in reviewing the title.

When we accept a novel to review?
Acceptance does not guarantee that the novel will be read, or that we will post a review. Also novels that we request personally will have priority over all other titles.

How long will it take to review?
Published books: We try to read the review titles by the release dates. If the book is an ARC, we will try to review the book in the month surrounding its release date, in most cases before the book is released or shortly after.
Self-Published books: We are not currently taking on any self-published titles. Please check back soon. 

Where we post our reviews:
Our Blog- Book Passion for Life 
Amazon UK & US – Under Book Passion for Life name
Goodreads – The reviewer’s personal page

Interviews/Guest Posts/Giveaways:
We are am happy to host authors for an interview, guest post and giveaways.
If you are a publicist/author and would like to offer up a giveaway on our blog, then we are happy to oblige. Even if we cannot personally accept your book for review, we will be happy to offer our followers the opportunity to read/win your book.

Blog Tours:
If you are a publicist/author/tour host and would like us to take part in a blog tour, please send over your requests and we will do our best to help but please also provide enough time for us to read the book before the tour date.

Contact Us
Thank you for taking the time to read our review policy before emailing us. If you're still interested in us reviewing your book, then please feel free to email us at bookpassion11 {at} gmail {dot} com. 
Please provide the bookcover and blurb for the book also. 
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